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Anyone who've ordered from lapdist


Anyone who've ordered from lapdist

Hello my friends!

Well, I’ve ordered my pump and cylinder from the lapdist website, last 4th of April, and it still haven’t been delivered. Should I be worried about this? Do the guys usually take this much time to deliver their products? Well, I live in Europe, so that must be one of the reasons…

Anyway, did it happen the same to you?

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It could be that it is an international order . In fact, I just got my second cylinder from them today and I placed my order sunday.I have had good service from them so far. Give them a call.

I am guessing it has been shipped and customs is the delay. Have you asked them for shipping details? I have never seen an order go bust with them if that is any help.

In Us also and my order took a few days to get. Plan on purchasing again in a few months

In canada took about 2 weeks to get to me.

Never had an issue with them would definitely order from them again.

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I received my order 3 days after I placed it, but then again I’m in the same state they are located. Your order is probably being held-up by customs, shipping to Europe can be tricky sometimes.

I would call or send an e-mail to customer service, they should have given you some kind of tracking number so that you could follow your order.

I’m in Japan and it only took one week.

Thank you all for your replies guys! I’m going to send Charles an e-mail right now! I bet it’s my country’s post services that are probably on delay. I’ll let you know about this!

Just one more thing: I never wanted, in any kind of way, to play with lapdist (and all the staff that works there) credibility, and honesty. I know it’s a great company, and I keep reading lots of fantastic reviews to their services.

My 2 cents.

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2007: BPEL: 5.1 / MSEG: 4.5 / 2008: BPEL: 6.5 / MSEG: 4.8

I think it\'s amazing, the way that love can set you free...

I am located in Munich Germany. It took ages until my stuff arrived and I started to get mad at lapdist which was 100% inappropriate. The goodies were stuck at customs in germany.

However, the dispatcher at lapdist’s had forgotten to include the pussy pump that I had ordered as well (loving mate, right? :) . I e-mailed them, they apologized, and the pussy pump arrived within a few working days.

Later - ttt

Has anyone from Australia ordered from Lapdist? How long did it take to arrive? How discreet is the packaging?


Yep I have, took a little over 2 weeks if I remember correctly, and mine
Came in a plain white box with company name on the front nothing mentioning
What was inside though:) hope that helps

Should be there soon australian customs are horrible for holding mail I had a few things held for a month or more and didn’t come till the packages started building up

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34 days later and still NOTHING. Annoying isn’t it?

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2007: BPEL: 5.1 / MSEG: 4.5 / 2008: BPEL: 6.5 / MSEG: 4.8

I think it\'s amazing, the way that love can set you free...


I ordered my Lapdist pump by Internet on Friday 27APR07 and I had it in my hands on Monday 30APR07. Plain box with return address only. Great, sturdy product.

Do you live in a country other than the US?

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