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Anyone want to sell?

Anyone want to sell?

Do any of you have a quality 2” diameter x 10” in or so cylinder that you would like to sell before I drop 90 bucks on a new one? I mean I can soak it in some Rocal-D and Clorox there for eliminating any risk I’m sure.

Do people sell their old cylinders?? Let me know!

I live in South America and I can ship some over. I can send you some New pumps but low quality ones, they are like slight more then 2” inches width and slight less then 10” inches diametes. No gauge. Manual Pump.

Brand new at the local sex shop here is US$40 and I guess Shipping would cost plus US$10 or something. (Not sure about the prices, but I payed that when I first bought mine few months ago.)

PM if interested.

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Tigerbass, have you ever checked my thread on “Make you own pump for around $20.00”. Do a search through my posts on the members page, as a matter of fact I think It was my very first post on this board. Anyway, there you will find info on making your own cylinder out of an aquarium gravel cleaner tube. I made mine for about $10.00 back in Dec.02 and it still works great. Other guys have made these tubes as well and they are working well for them also. If you decide to make your own and run into some problems drop me a PM and I’ll help you out.

Sweet! I’m all about budget, college is a mother….

I’ll definatly check it out, there is just something about going down to the local stores and making something work while saving a bundle, thanks man, I’ll dig up your post!

Check your PM’s Tiger.

I have a 1.75 cylinder that I grew out of.

If anybody is interested shoot me a pm.


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