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Anyone using water lift to measure/regulate vacuum?


Thanks for the kind words.

I always wondered about the gauge accuracy and this thread encouraged me to do the tests - it was fun and for the price of some vinyl tubing, a worthwhile exercise.

A quick search for better vacuum gauges for the range we are working in (3-6” Hg) did not turn up anything. I hope someone has better luck and shares the results.

I can see accurate vacuum pressures being used in specialized ways for PE. What might work for glans enlargement might not work as well or at all for full penis pumping. Especially since the glans is a more sensitive area.

When I am done my newbie routine (hopefully never), I plan to use your principles to build an accurate vacuum regulating system.

Thanks for doing the groundwork guys. Your information can help a lot of people.

Just a reminder that the cheap vacuum gauges on brake bleeder pumps are NOT accurate.

Mr. Mo, I see you use a tetra 30-60 as a vacuum pump. How do you reverse the tetra 30-60 pump to a vacuum. Can you please explain or diagram the process? I have a 30-60 pump and would like to use it as a vacuum pump.

Thanks mo, I’ll give it a try. I read the thread before but didn’t fully understand the process. I’ll try again.

Thanks mo, Process is complete and works well. Gauge is the only down side. Thanks again!

Roy2 - Yes, these cheap gauges are not good for our purpose (low end of scale). I am still in search of a good vacuum gauge or manometer that will work well for our range of operation, i.e. less than 10”Hg. If I find a good fit I will post here. Please be sure to read the other threads here - Mr. Fantastic and Dynamic Stretching for good developments.


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