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Anyone tried a head cylinder?

Anyone tried a head cylinder?

I was wondering if anyone has tried a head cylinder with their pump?
If I remember right,I hear bad reviews on it.
So whats the word on these cylinders?

I would like to try one out,but would like to see what the reviews look like first.


Can you show us a pic of one that isn’t pornographic and with no porn links? Newbies probably don’t know what a head cylinder is or why one would want one.



The above sells a mushroom head cylinder.
I once saw a picture of someone who had used one of these.
Imagine a large mushroom with a thin stalk and you have it.

Bump for more info regarding this, if any at all.

I don’t have any info.

But I think did see that pic that your referring to. I couldn’t believe that a pump could make that significant a difference and was wondering if it were a freak of nature or a good phot-shop job.

They are horrible. I have one. Save your cash.

All information here is from my cow Bessy. The opinions and posts are hers and not mine. I just do the typing for her because we all know cows cant type. Fieldmouse :iws:

If you do buy one don’t buy the Kaplan type,they are a pain to use and you end up sucking youre head into the air valve,buy the type that is a cylinder with the enlarged end for the head.I can’t say whether they help enlarge the glans or not since mine is such a pain to use I seldom waste the time.

My opinion differs from all above. The head cylinder is all that I use. I discovered it about 3 years ago and it is wonderful. It puts all of the suction growth on enlarging the head and also gives a good pull for length. I tape just back of the ridge for an inch or more and avoid the bloated look (which I don’t like). I have now two mushroom head cylinders and I bought them from Northwest Pumpworks. If you can’t find the website, let me know and I will post it here for you.

Isn’t there some kind of wrapping technique where you wrap all of the shaft up to just below the head and pump in a regular tube and that essentially does the same thing as a head cylinder?
Does anyone use this technique and what have your results been?

Also, is it wise to pump while wearing a cock ring? Whether for normal pumping or using the wrapping technique for head gains?
I should probably post this question in the Vacuum Pumping 101 thread since avocet might be best to answer it. I just hope he (or whoever is experienced in this) will see it in here and reply.

Avocet does not just hang around inside the 101 thread. :) Nor is he the only vet around here who can answer things. We have a lot of long-time pumpers here; some have experience in many PE techniques.

Pumping with a cock ring is not dangerous IF you follow the 30 minute rule. Any erection, vacuum pumped or norma/sexual, needs an exchange of oxygenated blood from time to time. By removing the cock ring for a few minutes after 30 minutes on an erection, you will allow oxygenated blood to flow into the penis and avoid oxygen starvation to your very precious unit.



Yeah, I figured you would check this thread out, but a better bet to find ya quicker would be in the 101 thread.
Oh, how wrong I was.
Good to know about the cock ring,


what about the wrapping for glans gains in the tube?

Also, what’s a good timeframe to leave the ring off?
5 minutes? 10? Should the erection go down to 75%-50% or completely flaccid before getting an erection again, putting the ring back on and starting your next pumping session?

I would imagine that going by colour would be a safe bet. Get it nice and rosy pink for a while before going back under.

Originally Posted by Thorne
Isn’t there some kind of wrapping technique where you wrap all of the shaft up to just below the head and pump in a regular tube and that essentially does the same thing as a head cylinder?Does anyone use this technique and what have your results been?


Yes, you can wrap below your glans (ACE self-adhesive bandage) and down the shaft as far as you like and then pump. This will encourage all of the pump expansion to your glans or below the wrapped area. It will accomplish the same results in your regular tube as using a “head cylinder”. Now whether this will result in permanent head size gains is an individual matter/outcome.


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Has anyone tried this wraping below the glans? Any results?

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