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Anyone made a home-made Tracman?

Anyone made a home-made Tracman?

I’ve had the idea of trying to make a device similar to the Tracman traction device using low vaccum. I think there is a post here somewhere of a guy that made one but I can’t find it.

It might be possible to do using the smallest tube that is around the same diameter or a tad bit smaller as normal flaccid size and just use low vaccum to create the pull.

I was thinking of inserting a hook at the end to carry the weight, something around 6- 12 lbs.

I’m not sure if it would stay on at those weights using lube and vaccum alone. I’m into making my own stuff when I can and think the Tracman works on the same principal.

I’m into getting length right now, along with jelking and thought this idea would make a good hanger. I love my pump but it’s too big for this purpose and don’t won’t to screw it up.

Anyone seen that post on how to build one or any good sites that explain how it’s done?



Goodah Brother

I don’t know what a TRacman device is. Maybe you can explain to me but I’ve got a vaccum grip device sold by the Grip System in Florida. It allows for weight suspension by using vacuum and when I first got it, it really did pull well but saddely now I get my underside skin caught up in it and this is a major set back. But please tell me what is a tracman?



This should be a start for you. Welcome aboard.

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I know Lewd Ferrigno personally.


The Tracman is a vacuum device something like a pump cylinder but smaller and uses low vacuum to draw the penis into the chamber. Then using a hook that is positioned on the end of the tube it allows you to hang anywhere from 0- 20 lbs pressure/weight from it stretching the entire penis. Most guys says it slips over 10 lbs of weight…not good.

You can find more info here: or It will tell you all about it. It cost $400.00 USD!

I found a similar device in the UK that sells for around half that cost $234.00 USD and does the same thing. Looks very well made. You can see it Click on the top right picture at web site on the device with the trigger pump, it’s in a plastic case and called Powerstetch 10 or Powerstretch 12. One is just a little longer than the other one.

I really think these might work well.

Yea, I know all about the Grip. I have had one for years, since 1998. Back then they were called Golden Rooster.
I’ve had way too many problems with mine, ie, G-flex sleeves are worn out and the hourglass sheath is shot! Can’t get a consistant hanging session if I tried. I’ve threw that thing against the wall so many times cause I’d just get so pissed at it for not working right.

In the beginning I had the same problem as you described, pulling skin up into the chamber etc. What i figured out to do is I started jelking to build up my girth and also stuff some more foam into the chamber bringing the head out some. That way the chamber is only captureing the head, not the skin of the shaft.

If your girth is too small for the sleeves and chamber, then It will just pull everythng into the chamber and hurts like a bitch! Pinched skin!

I’d like to note that when the Grip was working right It was a beautiful thing. Using it consistantly, my ligs got really loose and I got a great stretch increasing my flaccid length by 1-1.5 inches! When it works, it does work really great. But my experince is over time, it just won’t deliver this consistantly. It loses vacuum or the sleeves don’t seal properly. Just too many problems with it.

I’m looking for a way to build my own version of these devices as I think they would work just as good as the Tracman or Powerstretch.

Just hard to figure out how they work without decent pictures.

Hope this helps,

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