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Does anyone like the bathmate ?


Does anyone like the bathmate ?

I have seen a # of videos on youtube about the bathmate ,, they make it sound great !!

Does anyone here use it, like it, gained from it ??

Some guys use it, like it, and have gained from it. It is not a crap product, and it gives gains if used properly. The trick is to read up and decide if you are a good fit.

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I bought one. It is good but after using it for a few days, I get marks on the base of my penis which become sore if I continue.

I now use the mustang pump which can be used dry or wet.

Hmm , “good fit” what does that mean ?

Life style and philosophy, not physically. If you have privacy and spend a 1/2 hour in the tub every morning reading the paper then the Bathmate may well be a good fit for you. If you live in a dorm room and only have access to a shower then not so much.

I have excellent self monitoring skills, a prerequisite for hanging. Back in the day I spent >8 hours a day working from a private home office. Hanging was a perfect fit for me.

Running a Massive Co-Front.

Hmmm, I see what you mean.

I like mine. I use it in the shower on workout days for ten to twenty minutes. The twenty minute days are in the tub.

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I use the bathmate while lying in bed. I have never used it in the bath or shower. I go to the bathroom, fill it with water, pump up over the toilet or whatever, then walk back to my room with it suctioned on. Couldn’t be easier to be honest. It doesn’t leak or anything. When it “leaks” it just loses pressure and you just pump it some more and the excess air comes out. Water doesn’t come out until you are done.

Hehe, was wondering a little bit about that part which sentii just explained, thanks. Must have been a drag always having to take a bath or shower.

Well crap, you learn something new every day.

My point about something being a good/bad fit is still valid in general. Just forget about the bath thing.

Running a Massive Co-Front.

What is the reason for the water staying in the tube ?

Make sure you are shaved if you want to use the bathmate out of a bath. Otherwise you’ll be pouring water everywhere.

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I personally found judicious trim to be sufficient, but yes do lose vacuum if too much hair.

Noted !!!

Originally Posted by jd10021
Make sure you are shaved if you want to use the bathmate out of a bath. Otherwise you’ll be pouring water everywhere.

Been shaving ever since I started PE years ago and loving every minute of it ;)

Makes you wonder why they don’t put this part on the user manual… or charge another ridiculous price on a Bathmate Shaver :D LOL

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