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Anyone ever try the Colt brand tubes

Anyone ever try the Colt brand tubes

Wondering if anyone has ever tried the Colt brand penis pump tubes, found a place selling them for around $30 with the quick attachment cpc port on top and it looks identical to lots of other tubes like la and others make with the flared entry and the shape.

Any quality issues, etc??


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What does it do? Squirt lube inside the tube? :)



It’s kind of hard to tell by the picture, but those Colt cylinders look like they are made of cheap thin wall blown plastic. Some of their systems come with that rubber gasket at the bottom of the cylinder and that is the dead giveaway for really cheap quality.

They look to be very similar to Kaplan pumps. I can’t find any Colt cylinders that are less than 2.25” though.

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