I don’t understand how pressure should feel different depending on the size of the cylinder, unless your packing the cylinder in one of the cases. What about those cylinders you won’t pack? Should the pressure feel different between 2 different sized cylinders, if you don’t pack any of them? I’m using a big cylinder and my penis is not reaching any of the sides.

I’m using between 5Hg and 7HG (for short periods), just to stretch to maximum length and still feel good and comfortable. My EQ is much better than before, don’t get any blisters and noticed if I don’t have a real erection during pumping I get the doughnut effect. That’s why I watch porn while in, so I get zero edema. Sometimes I reached higher pressure, but it feels so wrong. Is not pleasant anymore and I get edema no matter what. I suppose you can get bigger by edema swelling, but I think you’re stretching the wrong tissues, not those who get bigger when you get a boner and get filled with blood, but those who get bigger while getting a doughnut.