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Anybody's input on the bathmate


Anybody's input on the bathmate

Hey guys, just got my bath-mate a week ago. Man this thing feels good. Works great too. Been doing 7 minutes jelqing an two 15 minute sets in the bath-mate and got great expansion. Anybody else getting great results? I read a lot in the forums about this bath-mate, but not much from you guys being positive on getting gains from it. Anybody notice permanent gains yet? Thanks.

There are tons of threads on the bathmate, checking a few of them would help you more than starting a new thread.

Thanks “marinera”. I’ve read threw tons of them too. An wasn’t getting much of an answer that if people are making gains just from bath-mate, Are at all for that matter. Very few from the one’s I read. Just trying to get more info. Sorry for the new thread.

From what I can tell it’s a scam. You’re not going to gain up to 2 inches in length and one in girth just by sticking that thing on your dick for a couple minutes a day EVEN FOR YEARS.

I haven’t read much positive stuff on the product so far and thats why I am not buying one.

However, If you are having success with it.. THATS AWESOME!

“Marinera” yes I have. + More. Thanks though!

Well this is my second month in mainly using just the Bathmate and I can tell you that the 6 week marketing campaign they had for the Xtreme seems a little dishonest, the guy in it (Matt) says he gained like over an inch in length and some girth. From my own experiences so far I can tell that you will hardly gain any length from this at all, it is a device for girth. My goal in the beginning was to mainly get girth and that’s what I was pretty much expecting from the device after reading up on it so I’m not disappointed at all, I have made considerable girth gains indeed. I’d say it’s about 95% girth and 5% length so if you really want length instead of girth, just go manual or maybe try an extender.

“Danster579” yeah I feel the same way. Alone you probably won’t get permanent gains but use in with other exercise’s I think would help a lot for time under tension theory for gain.

Thanks “dude 151” I’m happy with my length. I’m 6.5. An 5.1 girth. Looking for the most girth I can achieve.

“Dude”151 What’s you’re routine?

First month I pretty much just used the Bathmate and occasionally stretched, this month I’m jelqing quite a bit more and I’m trying to see if I can get length by stretching with the Bathmate on (just pulling it outwards a bit while wearing it).

Progress Report Thread: New guy, never done anything like this before

Pictures: Dude151 Pictures

Stats also at Profile

Dude151” from what I’ve learned from these forums is if you want length then you pump to you are almost at you’re max. An for girth you want to stay about an inch shy from you’re max.I’ve notice though while I’m in the tub, with mine if you lay back an push out on you’re stomach so the bath-mate floats on the water it feels like it stretches you’re penis out a lot more. Feels good too.

Dude 151”. Take that back meant to say arch you’re back up till the bathmate floats on water service. While laying back.

Originally Posted by koko107
Dude 151”. Take that back meant to say arch you’re back up till the bathmate floats on water service. While laying back.

Sounds like Yoga with a Bathmate.

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Originally Posted by Behemoth

Sounds like Yoga with a Bathmate.

Haha, although I don’t use it in a bath, I use it it the shower (while sitting on a bench actually, leaning to a wall, feels the most comfortable out of all the options I’ve tried).

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