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Anyboddy get random doughnuts or blisters?

Anyboddy get random doughnuts or blisters?

I just bought a pump, mostly for ED and, well, fun. (unfortunately, it’s a sex toy pump… I bought first and researched later.)

Anyhow, while searching the net for information about how to use a pump properly, I remembered thundersplace… I haven’t been here in quite some time. From reading a lot of posts, I think I’ve figured out how to minimize the potential for developing doughnuts, blisters, etc.

What I’m wondering is if anybody goes days or weeks doing the same pumping without incident, and then suddenly a doughnut or something develops? Has anybody experienced a problem after following the program and gradually increasing time and/or vacuum?

I bring this up because I have to really careful what I do with my dick because I’m a social nudist/naturist… my privates are public. At the very least during the course of a day, my upstairs neighbor (who’s my best friend, nudist buddy and, alas, a lesbian) is going to come down to spend some naked quality time. On weekends we usually go to some kind of nude gathering with friends or to a resort. I’m okay with showing a small dick, but I’m not okay with showing a deformed one (imagine meeting an available woman while nude and having to explain…).

Any insight would be appreciated.

It would perhaps be best to read the messages here and see what causes blisters etc. But generally you just have to use light vacuum -3hG and don’t overdo the time spent in the tube.

Have a read of Avocet’s and gprent’s posts.

But above all don’t overdo things.

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Thanks for the answer. Unfortunately… or maybe fortunately, since it was a sex toy kind of thing… the pump I bought broke before I ever really got to use it. (The good news: I wrote to the seller… amazon, of all places… and told them it broke. Their reaction was pretty much, “we’ll refund your $75 but please don’t send the item back to us.”)

I’ll be back after I save a few more dollars to buy a proper pump. Sorry for the bother.

Thinking about it for a few seconds, the actual pump itself seems okay… it’s all metal, with a gauge. I wonder if I can use that with a different sleeve and couplings?

You probably could. Search for the home made pump threads. Aquarium sifter tubes work great.

The best way to avoid donuts and blisters, in my opinion, is water pumping. The only way I pump is water pumping.
It’s my belief that the water keeps the psi/vac even through the entire tube. The effects are way better than regular pumping also.

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Oddly enough, I usually only get a doughnut if I use excessive heat (provided that I stay within regular time/pressures). By excessive heat I mean wrapping a heating pad around the cylinder and cranking it to max. I don’t think most members experience this though. How long were your pump sets? It might have just been uneven pressure from a cheap pump?

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