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Another water pumping question...

Another water pumping question...

Hi again
I’m trying to understand the whole water pumping thing and I admit I am having a tough time of it.

#1- Is there a difference between having a cylinder completely full of water and one with a layer of air on top?

#2- Pressure: I understand the principle of making a vacuum which draws blood into the penis. However, since water is not compressible, assuming you were doing this underwater or something and no air remained in the cylinder wouldn’t you have to constantly be removing water to allow your penis to expand? Especially if you enter the tube flaccid….
Also does this same principle apply when there is some air on top or does the expanding water simply compress the air?

More to follow I am sure!

C’mon guys…You mean no one in all of thundersplace knows this stuff? ;)

1, The only difference is how fast your dick reacts to the pressure difference, the air acts as spring, when you pump out air the pressure drops(vacuum), and as your dick expands the pressure rise again: (of course that is relative to the atmosphere, but at the gauge you would read opposite). So the less air present, the faster your dick stretches. This can be a problem if you pump up fast, more trauma.

2, When there is no air present you have a vacuum static stretcher device. Now your dick is the spring. And it is actually the tension in your dick you can read at gauge. The only way the pressure(force) can drop now is if the tissue relax. And if you continue to pump out water the tension rise again.

That is my way of looking at it, I could be wrong.

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