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another pump question


another pump question

I am closing out my second week with alternating cylinder sizes throughout my routine.

Results so far are: no problem with girth (as usual).Just nice slow pumping gets me a nice little fatty out of the final stage in the 2” cylinder.

But i still don’t see much of anything at all for length.

The last few nights I have only been using the 1.5” cylinder so that the only way I can expand is length wise.

Last night I went all out to see if it would work. 3 hours of pumping in the 1.5” tube got me 1/16”.

I did regular decompressions followed by jelqing. My time in the tube increased each time. On one set I even tried it 15 min. at 7 hg solid.

And my last set I did a steady 5 hg for 1 full hour without a break.

and there was no increase in my length at all.

after 3 hours i should have had that tube completely packed from top to bottom.Even if it was a temp. fill.

No injuries,blisters,donuts,red spots,anything. So I know I did it right.

Why wont my dick grow longer?

I stretch before I pump, jelq during sets. Am I missing something here?

Should I do the length only pumps at a higher hg in the 1.5” tube only?

Or higher hg at longer intervals?

Or higher hg at shorter but more frequent intervals?

And please only people with pump experience answer this.

After rereading mine and wondering why I have no responses.

I realized that the way I worded it says I have only been pumping for a couple of weeks.

Not the case.

Just a couple weeks of alternating tube sizes.

Now could someone feel better about answering my question please?





I would go with maybe 30min sessions at a higher hg (6-8). But always be wary of not over doing it and hurting your unit. You might be working just too hard by the looks of your workout 3hrs in the tube is probably too long. You didn’t mentioned if you do jelqs or stretches in-between sets this will help.

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It just so happens there is a point where you hit your limit and after that I believe gains start happening on the cellular level and are imperceptible visually. Besides that, pumping is not the ideal method for going after length, although length gains are certainly achieved by pumping.

Think of the guys that are hanging for length and see no difference in their length between hanging with 10 pounds compared to 20 pounds. There is a limit that is reached and you are not going to “see” it be breached on a one day basis.

Once you are up against the brick wall, gains come slowly and imperceptibly. That is why it is often better to measure less frequently so you don’t get frustrated by the daily grind. But ever so slowly, even a brick wall will start to bulge under pressure. :)

I Started out with 6 1/2 inch penis and I know have an 8 inch penis and I am still is getting bigger. I use a pump I bought at a Dollar store that was made for pumping up rafts and I just put a medicine bottle over the end of the pump and put a hole in the medicine bottle to put the tubing in it and use that for pumping the air out of the 1.5 cylinder I gained about a 1/2 inch in the first month of pumping and in three months of pumping I have gained a total of 1 1/2 inches. Well any way I do not get blisters but my penis does get red. If you are not seeing results maybe you can try a stronger vacuum and or a cock ring a tight cock ring that will increase the blood in the penis chambers “Corpus Spongiosum and Corpus Cavernosa chambers”

You are not alone. I’ve been pumping for 8 years. I never saw a substantial length gain until I started jelking and hanging. Then I gained about 1/2” in several months. Since then its been about 2 1/2 - 3 years and I have not seen a noticable length gain. I still pump on a regular basis, and I know I’ve gained in girth because I can pack my 1 3/4” tube immediately, but length in the tube is the same as it has been for years.

I thing gprent is correct… slow and steady… just keep on truckin’ .

OK, let me make this short….this is my best understanding as of now…

2 type of pe…cellular stimulation (low to moderate forces…long duration) and plastic deformation (moderate to high forces…short duration).

Some mix them together. Hanging and ADS…pumping and ADC.

If you are using high forces and gains stop…only a decon break will allow gains to continue.

There is no way going to low force pe (from high force) will give any further gains. (So if your hanging 40 lbs and gains stop, don’t expect 5 in hg in a pump to get you gaining again…must take decon break)

When you stop making gains with low forces, you can make temporary gains with high force plastic deformation…then come to a screeching halt due to tissue toughening (a survival response).

At that point only a deconditoning break will allow gains to continue.

If you are making gains with low force, long duration and it slows or stops…and small increases of force don’t get it going…a decon break is also needed, although it probably can be much shorter than the duration needed from high forces.

Most guys see most of their gains in the beginning of certain routines followed by prolonged times of no gains.

Measure frequently, and if you see no gains after 2 weeks…change parameters (slight increases of force/time).

If no further gains occur…I think it is wise to do a decon break.

I’m not sure of the times for these, I think something like 2-3 months from heavy forces.

Light forces would be much less…exactly how much…I don’t know.

Don’t keep doing the same routine if you’re not gaining…hoping the dick fairy will come in the middle of the night on your birthday and drop an extra inch on you…wont happen!

Train safe…train intelligently!

Has anyone bothered to ask “pocopeepee” if he’s resting? Slow and steady, yes, but you need to be resting your member. Just because you have not seen any adverse effects doesn’t mean your penis doesn’t need to recuperate. It is also wise to stretch before entering the tube. See if your results are not a little better. And stop worrying. I hit a brick wall after three years and it’s been slow since, but slow is still effective. If this still doesn’t work try changing your intensity as you would with another part of the body.

I have seen results by pumping so I know it is possible if you keep at it without skipping any days. I use a 1 1/2 ID PVC piping for length and I have gained 1 1/2 inches in just 3 months so it is possible. I had to experiment with the vacuum pressure to get it as much as possible without getting blisters, so I just got it as much as possible without getting blisters, so you need to get as large of a vacuum as you can get without getting blisters. I don’t use a gauge so don’t ask how much pressure I use just experiment with large amount of vacuum and step down until you get it right. I only pump 2 20 minutes sections and only release the vacuum every section so I leave the vacuum on for 20 minutes then release the vacuum and then do it again for another 20 minutes and use a cock ring also. I do not use a Cock ring but I do have a very small bicycle inner tube at the mouth of my 1 1/2 ID PVC pipe I use for lengthening so if you are not using a small inner tube try using a very small cock ring, and if you can’t afford a cock ring try finding an old ten speed bicycle with a 27 inch wheel and cut the inner tube out of it and cut a piece off of it about half of inch wide and use it as a cock ring.

Hope that helps


Is pumping really the only thing you do, or are you doing other things for the length. I really only do low pressure, because I dont want an injury.

But in the smaller tube it makes sense that I can go higher since the tube wont let my dick expand any other way but up.

I will try it, I just hope I dont overdo it trying to find a comfortable high pressure. Then when I go into the 1 3/4” tube I will keep the 5 hg limit.

Also I do rest, not often, but I do. And I stretch before I pump. And jelq between sets as well.

I guess I just need to fuck around with it until I find a good lengthing pump exercise.

As far as my girth, me and my girlfriend are happy with that part of it.

I just go slow until I pack it.

Its never spongy, never exhausted,gets hard on command. So following everyones advice about slow and steady wins the race is definately working for me, just not in the length dept.

Anyways thanks for all the advice guys, I appreciate it.

It does have to be real high. Just go as high as feels comfortable because if it is not comfortable you will not want to do it a long time. I found out that if you start out at lower vacuum for about 10 minutes then step the pressure up higher that way your penis will not ache whenever you use a high vacuum.

Yes all I do right now is pumping and have a very small inner tube to focus more blood into the penis chambers or you could use a very small cock ring.

If you use a cock ring or something else it lets more blood go into the penis chambers and not let that much go around the penis chambers “result fatter penis but not longer because the blood is surrounding the chambers and not really that much blood inters the penis chambers. So a very small cock ring or something else that can go around the penis is a must to let more blood go into the penis chambers instead of the surrounding tissue of the penis and not that much into the penis chambers so small cock ring or something else is a must for both lengthening and to add more girth, because if you penis is bigger rounder because the blood is surrounding the penis chambers and not that much in the penis chambers then the size increase you get from pumping will not maintain and go back to normal after the swelling goes down. So use a cock ring no matter what if you want to see lasting results.

Don’t expect to see results on the first day. Like I said I only got a half inch pumping for 1 month and gained a total of 1.5 inches in 3 months.

With a lot of trial and error with the vacuum I finally fount a high enough vacuum that didn’t give me penis blisters.

Good luck bud

Started 6.5 got up to 8 by pumping alone.

Love giving girls squirting orgasms by G-Spot Stimulation and or Clitoral Stimulation.

That is the bottom line because Stone Cold says so.


I have one more little question for you.

About the cock rings.

I’ve never used them so could you explain how you used yours during the exercises.

Behind the balls?

What size do you suggest?

Is this during and after the pumping?

any info will be greatly appreciated.

“I’ve never used them so could you explain how you used yours during the exercises.”
First I do not use one; I just have an inner tube at the mouth of my cylinder that acts like a very small cock ring
“What size do you suggest?” just big enough to put one finger in. The tighter the better. You have to remove it every 20 minutes or so.
Is this during and after the pumping? Yes
“Behind the balls?” never behind the balls for pumping always at the base of the penis for pumping for girth or length.

Good luck

Started 6.5 got up to 8 by pumping alone.

Love giving girls squirting orgasms by G-Spot Stimulation and or Clitoral Stimulation.

That is the bottom line because Stone Cold says so.

Thank you guys for all the information.

I am looking forward to telling some success stories soon.

Originally Posted by NelsonNelson
Like I said I only got a half inch pumping for 1 month and gained a total of 1.5 inches in 3 months.

Wow, that is a record I think for rapid pumping gains, 1.5” in 3 months! Congrats!

I assume you mean 1.5 length gain, right? What about girth?

Also, do you do a warm up? Stretching or Jelqing, or just pumping?

Any discoloration? (I am guessing yes… Two 20 minute sets kinda flies in the face of popular “beginner” routines, but it is hard to argue with 1.5”!!)

I wish you did use a guage just so you could say what your Hg was with some certainty…

Like I said, congrats, NN!

My Before and After pics -- .5" gain...

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