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Another first pumping impression

Another first pumping impression

Hi guys!

I just got my Kaplan 2” cylinder and a mityvac pump today.
Well, I was curious so I gave it a try right ahead.

I spent 5 minutes in the cylinder at a level of pressure which felt asolutely comfortable (dont know the amount because I dont have a gauge). My girth is 5.3 at the base and 5” at the rest of the shaft and I packed the tube at the base. My glans did expand really nicely which was a pleasure to see as my glans are normally alot smaller than the shaft.
After this first 5 minute session my girth stayed enlarged for some time which felt great. Not spongy at all, but quite hard and there hasnt been any fluid buildup, yet. The only drawback was my glans which returned to its smaller shape as soon as I left the cylinder…. 2 bad that it didnt stay enlarged as the shaft did.

This was only 5 minutes at comfortable pressure, but I am still worrying if it was already too much pressure because this short session left me with hell alot of very small red dots which I only get after a really long and intense jelq and sqeeze session. Maybe I should try to do a hotwrap before pumping next time.

I will start this slowly and go for another 5 minutes tomorrow. Maybe incorporatins some jelqs or trying to pump with water.

Most of you guys told me to go for a 1.75” cylinder but I am quite happy that I went with the 2”. My balls are not in danger of getting sucked in and the Kaplan cylinder taperes significantly which doesnt leave much room for head expansion. So I guess the 2” is quite right for me.

Oh, and I tried it without any lube and it worked briliantly. What do you need the lube for, anyway?

Any comments?

Happy new year, guys!

Darian, now you are an official pumper.

Yes, you should use a pre-pump hot wrap. If you still get red spots, then your pressure is a little too high. I notice that some guys here who use other strenuous PE exercises actually work toward getting red spots during their routines. They may be harmless, but I just don’t like to see any kind of discoloration on myself.

There are several reasons for using a lube. Some of us who have trouble maintaining a good seal get a better one with the lube. Also, and more important, getting into or out of a dry cylinder can result in chafing against the acryllic sides - a sort of brush burn. These wounds hurt, interfere with sex or masturbation, and take awhile to heal.




A few question on your Kaplan tube.

Where did you purchase the Kaplan tube and how much do they cost?

Does the Kaplan 2” tube have the flared wall at the base entrance that narrows down to 1 3/4” for a better seal?

How long are the Kaplan tubes?

Roughly what do you think the 2” tube tapers down to toward the head area?


I’m confused. You said you bought a Mityvac pump, but can’t tell what pressure you’re at? Both the Metal Silverline Mityvac, and the plastic Mityvac II come with built-in gauges. I’m not aware of any version of the Mityvac sold without a guage.



I bought the Kaplan Cylinder from a german onlineshop for 54 EUR. The opening of it is exactly 2” inside Diameter and is flared to the outside for a better and more comfortable seal. The cylinder tapers evenly to about 1.7” inside diameter at the top.
Here is a link with a good picture:

MityVac seems to be availiable as a test kit with gauge in the US, but over here you can only get the brake bleeding kit without a gauge but with the little fluid catchup container. The test kit is not availiable over here. I wonder if I can buy a fitting gauge seperately……

Best regards!

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