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Another batmate question.

Another batmate question.

I’ve been thinking of getting a bathmate for a while now and about ready to pull the trigger,but its an expensive tool and looking for encouragement for it or against it is welcomed. It says it can correct a curve. I used an extended for 8 months,jelqed against the curve, and manual stretched and nothing has been fixing it. It is not peyronies though. Has anybody had luck with a pump and curve correction? I’ve also heard mix bag about EQ improvements from using it and was wondering anybodys experience with that. Last Is length gains. I’m wanting one solely for girth and I’m ok if I get any length gains but it seems like I’m not seeing any reports on good length gains. So is it safe not to expect much of terms of gaining length?Also I know people jelq between sets and after but I was wondering if you think ULI would be too intense to do after a pumping session to push it farther?

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I doubt it. Especially if it curves to the side. I have a left curve and am 5.3 girth, if I go into the Hercules erect (which is best) the end of my cock is pressed hard against the tube and I always get edema starting in that spot. If you have a significant side curve I recommend buying an X40 which has more space. The BM hasn’t reduced my curve, at least I don’t think it has.

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Thank for the reply. I just as of yesterday bought an X40 according to the bathmate site recommendation which im just slightly under your stats.Have you at least seen better EQ from it?

EQ has been up and down. Initially with just BM I think it got better, now with way more manual work it’s not quite so good. I think I did get some good gains from it initially.

A word of advice, and you will hear the same from many experienced pumpers here, don’t overdo the pressure. I have a Snail Wine a Pump which I use to suck out more water, too much suction has bruised my dick and it’s semi-permanent. NOT WORTH IT.

7.8" BPEL x 5.25" EG

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