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An automatic pump?

It looks like one of the cheap pumps I used before I got wise and got high quality cylinders and a pressure gauge. Even though the cheapies work on basically the same principle as the high quality pumps, I still never got nearly the same results. So no, I wouldn’t use that one. I doubt the pump provides a decent vacuum, and I bet it would leak.

Sex shops, like that Ebay seller, never allow returns. I think that’s how they make a good profit. People spend a lot of money on an inferior product, and then there’s no one to bitch at if they don’t like it.

It might be a good choice for someone with two broken arms. ;)

Originally Posted by Xorgfoo

It might be a good choice for someone with two broken arms. ;)

Ha ha, Xorgfoo is your avatar a subliminal picture of some inter-racial love making?? Or am I just perverted.

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