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Amount of Pumping Pressure

Amount of Pumping Pressure

I’ve been doing 4-6 hg on my pump lately, I notice that going from 1-6 hg the wang gets bigger and bigger, does this hold true the higher the hg you go, or is there a point where it stops growing? What’s a good pumping pressure? I’ve heard anything from 4 hg to 10 hg… anything higer than 6 seems to high however.

You are in the right range. Stay there for now.



You never know what your penis will take safely. The lower the pressure(increase HG), the bigger I get. I feel perfectly fine up to 10 inches HG, but wouldn’t recommend that unless you’ve worked up to it slowly over time.

I found that 3.5-4 inches HG work better than higher vacuums. I can stay in the tube a lot longer without a donut or blood blisters, and come out bigger.

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