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Am I weak?

Am I weak?

Been pumping off and on throught this last year, but I got a bit of discolorration or maybe a bruise so I stopped for a bit. (followed 101 guide of course). SO this last time I started up, I was only pumping 3 days in a row, 10-15minutes (only 1 time per day) at 3hg. Everything seems good, but then I stop getting morning erections. I know this is a neg. PI sign, so I’m confused.

I DON’T do a warm up, but when I pump I use a heat pad around it the whole time, then do about 5 min of wet jelq, THEN take a hot shower for about 5-10 min for a warm down.

I haven’t pumped in probably about a week, just being doing wet jelqs only and now the morning erections are back…

Any advice? Also as much as I hate saying this, I do ONLY have time to do PE 3 days a week, and those days are in a row. I wish I could space out the days, but my new job doesn’t allow that. :( (and by no time I mean, leave house at 5:30am get home at 12am)

Maybe something else happened to effect your morning erections and it really wasn’t the pumping after all. Your routine is not excessive by any means.

I would just give it another try using the same routine and see how it goes.

You are not weak. This happened to me when I began pumping. I have since realized that where I have the pump base contributes to the problem. I push the top of the pump away from my body so that there is less pressure focused directly down onto the nerve bundle and veins running across the top of my dick where they meet the pelvis. I have much less erections problems now after pumping.

Warm up first, so that the heat passes all the way through instead of being insulated by the cylinder. Also, be sure to warm up the suspensatory ligs if you want length gains.

Also try alternating how many days you pump each week. 2/week than 3/week than 2/week and so forth.

If you only jelq on those 3 days you may want to increase the amount of jelqing you can do each week for a few weeks first to condition your penis a little bit more before you pick up pumping again. If time is a factor, do it daily in the shower for an additional couple minutes.

I would also recommend learning dry jelqing. It’s extremely useful for getting a couple of quick sets in through the day without the mess. The sensation/pressure it has is a bit different too and I consider wet jelqing and dry jelqing two totally different exercises.

Thanks for the advice, next time I pump I will have to check out the placement of it. Also I plan on adding stretching with the jelqing, but have been pretty lazy :)

I also reccomend warming up first. Some of the biggest “shock” to my pecker seems to come at the very first when it’s under the pressure for the first time. The couple of times that I wasn’t really good and warmed up, my dick felt kind of “plastic-y” and stiff and not as resilient and healthy when I was done. Heat, heat, heat….especially the warmup….

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Just for an update…I never did start pumping back up after I posted this, then I got really sick, my work schedule changed and now I haven’t PE’d since I posted that :(

Hoping to start it back up, Flacid length has go back to pre-PE states (small)

Yes. Warm up is very important. Because of my busy schedule, and a wife thats unaware of my PE, I used to skip the warm up. I found that it hurt my morning wood too. After incorporating the warm up into my routine, my erections coudnt be harder.

Consider using a heating pad around the tube. Keeps it nice and toasty. But this does not and should not substitute for a good 5 minute hot wrap to start.

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So finally I have started up PE again :) After a year, doing about the same thing I did last time…didn’t know it until I read this thread LOL. (Found this thread because I was searching for posts about lack of morning wood!!!). This time, I do have a warm-up, which is taking a shower and some stretches, but still morning wood goes away. I’ve actually gone to a 1 day 2/3 days off routine….

5.5 hours between getting home and going to work cannot be helping either. 4.5 to 5 hours of sleep??? That is more worry than PE. Hope it has changed since 2007.

Yes and no. Sleeping time is about the same, but working time is very changed. I only have to work in the morning and at night, so I’m home all day. So I’m well rested now :)

You Japanese work ridiculous hours!

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