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Am I the only one gaining hard gains from pumping ?


Am I the only one gaining hard gains from pumping ?

As a mental motivation aid, I’d like to hear from you like me who have gotten hard gains with pumping. I cannot be the only one here. I do not use strong vacuum (no more than 5 Hg), and found that at the low vacuum, i get no or very little fluid buildup, and more blood forcing my erection to expand some more.

I’d very much like to hear from you who can share the same experience as i.

I got good initial gains from pumping alone but found that incorporating stretches and jelking along with pumping speeded the process along.



One of the secrets to making good pumping gains is not to use the high vacuums. 5”hg is a good average to shoot for. There are lots of different techniques to try, including pump/jelq cycling, milking and kegeling while pumping, longer pump sets utilizing pump and release techniques, pumping using a heat pad, putting on a cock ring after pumping and doing an erect massage and pumping every day.

Ok, thanks for chiming in.

Have you made say, what would qualify according to your own assessment, permanent gains in grith and length over time ?

Can somebody please explain me the benefits of pumping. Why is it possible to gain from pumping?

Does it increase blood flow?

All PE gains come from the same basic principle. Repetitive stretching over time leads to permanent gains. Pumping just uses negative air pressure to stretch the penis equally in all directions and over time, this leads to permanent gains. Because blood is being used as the hydraulic fluid in the stretching process, an increase in blood flow is also achieved.

gprent, that was a good, concise answer. Blood work works best.



Thank you so far.
Please can somebody say if this is wrong or not:
Pumping definitely increase the blood flow.

One more question, if the above is true, I plan to incorporate pumping to my routine. But I do not plan to do it for girth work, I also do not want to do it intensive. My plan is to finish my stretching and hanging routine with a pumping session, may be 2x5 min sessions. Will this give me an increased blood flow and helps me to get back circulation?

Blood flow is kind of a strange term around here, perhaps because there doesn’t seem to be too much flow going on when you have a hard-on. But pumping certainly increases blood supply to and throughout the penis shaft. It is often used as an ED remedy because of this capability. So yes, pumping will definitely help with blood circulation issues.

Pumping makes your blood flow into your penis, but once it is full, if the pressure stays high, circulation will slow down to the extent that after few minutes under high pressure your penis becomes actually cold. Jelqing between sessions makes pumping a completely different story as one switches from negative to positive blood flow, which could well be defined a forced increase in blood flow. Mainly, pumping tends to increases the capacity of the penis circulatory system, but not the speed of the blood flow and that is why it works much better associated with jelqing and kegeling.

I feel that pumping definitely added to my gains when I added it to my routine.

I’ve gotten good gains, and I do pump, but I can’t say how much is attributable purely to the pumping. I view pumping as a kind of warm up. I.e., I think it gives you a good and easy, but also mild, stretch. I precede it with a few minutes of hard stretching (in the shower), then about 10 min. of jelqing. I also jelq 10/15 min. after the first pumping session before I do the second, and finish with more jelqs and stretches, plus some light hanging (PEWeights) for an hour or so, if I have the time, to keep everything stretched (anti-turtling, as it were). In other words, I think of pumping as ‘level 1’ and jelqing (with some erect bends and squeezes) as ‘level 2’, referring to both intensity and effect. One nice thing about pumping is that I can easily measure progress in the tube. Clamping would be ‘level 3’.

I’m a slow girth gainer. I got 0.2” from jelqing. I slowly built up to a regular pumping routine, and seem to have gained 0.05” (yes, only 1/20th of an inch). For details, see my progress log (link in my signature).

Btw, I’ve taken a six-week break from PE and am just starting back again. My flaccid shrank a little during this break, but my EG/EL stayed the same.


Start: 6.3 x 5.2 (Feb '05)

Now: 7.9 x 5.65 (gain 1.6 x 0.45) - SFL 8.6"

Goal: 8.5 x 6.0 - Currently trying: handclamp squeeze, O-bends. My data - Progress log

What can I do to just go after fast length ? Not girth

I think hand pulls to increase the lenght of the suspensory ligament, or use a narrower tube when the penis will have to expend lenghtwise as opposed to widthwise.

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