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Am I hindering gains?

Am I hindering gains?

In my 1 3/4 tube my head is packed all the way around and most of the shaft is too with little/no pump. The reason I am using such a tight fit is to gain length. So I am wondering if the length gains are being hindered here? It seems actually like they are working, since by packing the tube at the head and most/some of the shaft, the vaccum has only one area to pull the penis: upwards lengthwise.


I think that as long as it’s sufficiently lubed, you are doing fine. If the glans is creating a seal, it’s probably being pulled even more.


Just keep yourself continuously well-lubed, especially around your head, so that your dick can gradually slide up the cylinder while under pressure. Since you’re going for length, the tight fit should help you out in that direction.


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