Alternative form of pumping

Searching for an article on pumping, I just bumped into this page:

It’s a page about peyronies disease.

They suggest that you use different size tubes and follow the cycle:

1. Use the multi-circumferential cylinders according to the prescribed schedule.
2. Use negative pressure daily (for up to six months) as a therapeutic treatment for Peyronie’s Disease.
3. Each daily session should consist of ten cycles. Each cycle will consist of the following steps:
1. Create negative pressure around the penis
2. Fill the space inside the cylinder and hold a “straight” erection for 5-10 seconds
3. Release the negative pressure in the cylinder
4. Repeat the cycle ten times to complete one daily session
4. Negative pressure will not allow the penis to fully engorge, but will allow penile vascularization and stretching of the Peyronie’s plaque.

Anyone had any experience with pumping like this?