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All Night Pumping?


All Night Pumping?

Here’s a thought: Women now have the BRAVA System. It essentially puts two cups around the boobs and applies a light suction. Women are instructed to wear it for 12 hours a day, even sleep with it on. Its been proven to increase the breast a cup size in about six months. So why wouldn’t this also work for us guys(on the tool)?

Time seems to be a major issue for most and getting a workout while you sleep would be a pretty cool way to PE.

Anyone tried this? Any limitations?


Pumping at night is a big nono. Your not awake to feel whats going on down there. What if you accidently apply just a bit too much suction….could lead to some serious, potentially permanent damage. And I cant think of a way you’d keep any kind of a seal for that long, especially at such low pressures.

Boobs are one thing, cock is another. MUCH more things to go wrong with having your penis under vacuum for that long. The risks are just way too great for my taste.

I have an electric vacuum pump that could keep the pressure at a constant level, so that solves Orgazmo’s concern about constant pressure. But, and I say but, I would never attempt it because of Orgazmo’s other very sensible objection, ” Your not awake to feel whats going on down there”. Sure women may try it with their boobs, but they have two boobs and by my last count I had only one dick. What’s more, a woman with ruined tits can put on a bra to cover up and still have all the sex she wants - ruin your dick and you are out of the game.

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Originally posted by PirateSteve
…but they have two boobs and by my last count I had only one dick.


Breast tissue is essentially fat and milk glands. A penis is a complicated, multifunctional organ. Constant vacuum on it should be limited to about an hour a day according to most guys here. Anything more, especially when you’re not watching, is foolish at best.

The thing that amazes me is that it is comfortable to talk about women issues on tv ect…in stores…however, but when we talk about a penis…it remains all taboo and we must be pervs.

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Do this only if you want to loose your dick.

Seriously, this is a really bad idea. I know from experience. When I started pumping I would leave the pressure on for 30-40 mins and within a few days developed blood clots that became infected. My dick got red and swollen and sore and I had to go on antibiotics to clear it up.
The urologist said that if left untreated for long it could develop gangrene and would have to be amputated.

Pumping is an exercise not to be taken lightly. It can easily become a dangerous thing if you get crazy with it. Be careful.

Hey tinytime,

About this gangrene, can you only get it if your blood clots become infected? Because I have a bump on my penis (not sure what it is yet even) which could possibly be a blood clot and I definitely don’t want to get gangrene.

Also, what were the symptoms of you clots? I’m curious because I have had this bump of mine for about 5 months now and still don’t know what it is and it won’t go the hell away. My bump is about half the size of a dime and it feels like there is possibly a tiny hard vein inside.

Thanks for any information!

Mick’s question brings back a problem I had of hard lumps under the skin in a few areas & sometimes a squeeze of the area produced a greasy semi-fluid. Could have been excess lubricant or pus. On one such squeeze, a small lump, liver colored, football shaped about the size of 2 match heads ejected. Stopped pumping for awhile cause I thought I had broke something. After about 2 weeks, I resumed my routine, at lower pressure,

went to a thinner lubricant (baby oil/olive oil instead of thinned out Crisco type lubes) and the problem seems to have gone away. Anybody got any idea what those lumps were?


Did stuff come out of every lump you squeezed? ‘Cause nothing comes out of mine. My lump actually started out as a big red bump. I thought it was a mosquito bite at first ‘cause that’s pretty much exactly what it looked like. I didn’t really pay any attention to it and kept on PEing. Now it isn’t big and red, it’s almost unoticable and is slightly discolored from PEing.

Come to think of it, maybe it was a mosquito bite which I irritated enough though PE and somehow made it a permanent bump.

Right now I am doing about 30 minutes of pumping a day and it doesn’t seem to be getting any worse. It isn’t getting any better though. I took off atleast a month before I started pumping but it never went away. Maybe if I took more time off PE it would actually go away. I really freeking hate the thing and would love if I could get it away some day. Maybe I’ll go to the doctor in a few months since no one seems to know what it is.

The greasy smears were in most of the lumps, so I figured it was the lubricant but the lump that I squeezed out was blood based. I put a small

sliver under a good microscope & could see blood cells. It also had other

structures in the sample that I could not identify. My final determination was that it was either a blood clot or a surface bruise. It made for an ugly cock with a lot of discoloration. Lowering the pressure seemed to solve it.

I’m black & we are prone to keloids & bruising especially if uncircumcised and the foreskin contributes to a donut. I have noticed that over the last few years of serious pumping, pe & electro that I have acquired a ring of lighter colored skin about 1/4 inch wide around my organ, just below the head. It also makes the head look bigger & more isolated. It brings to mind a picture of Dr. Frankenstein slicing & adding a 1/4 inch chunk to the length.

I started out at about 6 1/2 to 6 3/4 & now measure between 7 1/4 to 7 1/2 and thicker depending on who or what my stimulus is. I intend to get serious & record growth & any other data. I warm wrap, jelq,

wear an adjustable stretcher like the penimaster but metal and pump

about 3 times a week but can only use the electric pump, which I love, when the kids are away or at school. As a single parent, I don’t have the

freedom to really put in a lot of time. Probably a good thing, cause when the kids were with the wife, I sometimes spent whole weekends pumped up & doing pe, which of course, is when I had the problems with the lumps & bruises. Can’t say it enough, slow going & easy routines work better in the long run.


Regarding your question about the gangrene… That remark from my doctor was in reference to the advanced stages of infection, what could happen if the infection was not treated in time.

As for your lumps I cannot say. If you are not getting soreness, redness, and swelling in the area in question then you probably don’t have any infection. My lumps where in the dorsal vein and in the vein encircling the glans. They appeared seemingly overnight and in a matter of days the infection set in.

I am very careful about leaving the pressure on. I can pump for long periods, but I always release the pressure every few minutes, and allow for circulation to work.

Originally posted by tubes2222
Mick's question brings back a problem I had of hard lumps under the skin in a few areas & sometimes a squeeze of the area produced a greasy semi-fluid. Could have been excess lubricant or pus. On one such squeeze, a small lump, liver colored, football shaped about the size of 2 match heads ejected…. Anybody got any idea what those lumps were?

The lumps were probably sebaceous cysts. There are oil glands in the skin, usually associated with hair follicles, that produce sebum. It lubricates the skin and hair. If the gland becomes blocked, which might occur with the repeated application of a lube during pumping or from skin irritation itself, then a cyst develops. If the gland has a connection with the skin surface it is possible to squeeze out the contents which can be a liquid, but is usually in the form of a soft cheese-like material or a thick paste. Left long enough and the sebum can harden. If enough pressure is applied this block of hard sebum can be expelled.

The color of sebum can be related to skin color, since some sebaceous cysts can contain dead skin cells, or it might be blood if the cyst is associated with a hair follicle (which has a blood supply) and enough pressure is applied to rupture the capillaries. The football shape was most likely due to external pressure forming the hard sebum into that shape before it was expressed from the cyst.

Sebaceous cysts can become infected, red and painful, but usually they are benign and don’t need to be removed.

Thanks WestLa90069. That’s the best answer yet & corresponds with some

previous readings I found on an AMA site about a few years ago, when they were talking about epidermal disorders in the military during extended periods of combat & field exercises when guys could not get regular showers. I used it in a field hygiene class for some of my troops but of course, I made it sound as gruesome as the old WWII V.D. lectures to get my young charges to wash their funky asses in the field. Guys were afraid to take a bath in a river cause they were afraid of parasites & such in the local river & had to be forced one by one, in turn to take a bath.

Believe it or not, VD & poor hygiene was one of the biggest killers of a lot

of doughboys during the war. Guys worried about dying, don’t take a chance of taking off their clothes to wash. Even in Nam, a lot of guys would

wash in the rivers with their clothes on because of leeches. I was one. A leech on your ass or dick is totally demoralizing. Again thanks, WestLa for a pretty good reminder & estimate of what the problem was. It did stop when I switched to a thinner lube.

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