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All Day Broken Routine?

Devil's Advocate

Originally posted by Modemmer

Here is a cut and past from that site…

“The Brava System is designed to apply a gentle and controlled tissue expanding tension to both breasts for 10 or more hours daily for a minimum period of 10 weeks.”

If we look at the foundation as to how this works, why are we not using a similar approach to our PE routine?


Did a little bit of investigating and came across the following

Here is a cut and paste from the site…

“Do vacuum breast enlargers work? It appears that they do, sort of. Whether they have negative side effects like those of vacuum penis enlargers I don’t know yet. I did hear from one lady who was in a clinical trial for an expensive new vacuum breast enlarging system called Brava, and she had to quit because of how much it hurt her boobs (bruising, rash). The claims on Brava’s site are apparently less than honest in revealing the results of that clinical trial.

Now that the Brava has been sold to the public for a while, a realistic picture is starting to emerge, and results are mixed. Often the amount of growth is minimal; in some cases it’s substantial. Rashes are common, welts and blisters are not too rare, and weird infections sometimes happen. Antibacterial soap may reduce that problem. A few Brava users find that the suction makes them start lactating. Those interested in the Brava should probably check this site.

Number of women so far who have told me that they decided against getting a boob job at least partly because of this page: 38”

Here is the page

Here is a cut and paste from the site…

“I’m 5’7”, 120 lbs, AA, no kids, mid-thirties, and after 11 weeks of extremely dedicated Brava wear (up to 16 hours per day), I’ve got absolutely nothing extra to show for it!”

PS: the site is dedicated to letting everyone know the experiences of women who are already using Brava.



You will always have your nay sayers to a new idea. I went to that site and looked at all the women that responded to the questioner, and about 80% to 90% was happy or showed gains. But lets look at it here, there was about only 11 women that responded……nF=y&msg=4193.1

Its just like penis pumps, you have your good and bad! For instance, this person buys a pump and puts it over henry and abuses its use, and damages his member. Who is going to get the bad rap, of course the penis pump!

Also here is a site you might want to check out with independent studies……breast-size.htm

All I was using this Brava system for was to convey a message that gentle tissue tension works. Lets be real, here we are trying to permanently enlarge our member, would you think it could be done in 11 weeks?



When i first started pe I took the less is more Routine and for 2 months I jelqed 1 on 1 off nothing no gains at all.

The person with the best gains in all is BIB and he put tons of Hours in to pe every week.

Now that I do 3 on 1 off with the hanging at least I see gains, as ware before I made none. That could just be because Jelqing doesn’t work well for me though.


“At that time the body will send in repair workers to heal by closing the gaps and then reenforcing it but not by adding new tissue, but by forming scar tissue. The intense workouts we do causes damage on the microscopic level and the rest time we put Henry through only helps to keep the spilt closed thus no new tissue growth, but maybe scar formation and strengthening of the area that the split occurred “

Could it be possible that the majority of the gains that people have made on this board be a result of scar tissue? I know that most everyone has subscribed to the intense workout theory up until now, so how is it that they have made these gains unless it is from scar tissue?


Well, I was not saying that you can not gain from an intense work out. But maybe the diminishing gains one sees over time is due to scar formation. Scientist are now stretching nerve tissue to promote new tissue growth, but what they found out that it can be done more efficiently by gentle tissue stretching. You can’t force tissue growth, but you can encourage it! With that said, there is a fine line between gentle and brute force. Once you cross that line you will not see growth but scar formation!


scar tissue

basketball and Modemmer;

If PE size increases are the result of scar tissue growth, these are not at all the conventional result of scar tissue from flesh wounds.

Since I started PE I’ve always had a fear that I’d somehow warp or distort my cock. However my growth has in no way changed its basic appearance; except for veins where I never had any, this is just all new and normal looking flesh and tissue. Maybe “scar tissue” isn’t the right term to describe the process? What do you think?




I think a more apt term would be connective tissue.

Check it out guys, no need to have a big dick if you ain't gonna use it!!

pumping/pe experiment

Hey, guys
this is a great thing you are doing, can I help in any way?



I like that term: connective tissue




Send Modemmer a PM about helping. He has an interesting experiment going and could maybe use some support there.

As for pumping in general, keep posting your own experiences. We’ll all learn that way.





I was not saying that the gains are from scare tissue. I believe that one can gain new tissue growth from intense workouts, but I also believe that when your workouts crosses that point of encouraging gains to forcing gains is where scares are formed, and maybe a reason for diminished gains after PEing for any period of time with intense work outs, this is not optimal!

For optimal tissue growth without scare formation you need gentle tension. NORM is a group for men that are restoring their foreskin and has been around for 10 years. This group had many studies done on what works, plus scientific research on microbiological tissue expansion.

The foreskin is composed of several layers of dermis, a single layer muscle (the Dartos muscle), connective tissue, blood vessels, nerves, etc. It therefore takes time to elongate the nerves and connective tissue and add new muscle and layers of dermis, blood vessels, etc. so maybe we can draw some kind of analogy from their work!

When you restore your foreskin you must not go pass the point of encouraging, NORM highly recommend this less you want your gains slowed or stopped for that matter. The reason for this is that with force you add scar tissue in with the new tissue that is grown, thus slowing growth or even stopping it all together. With that said, lets look at how most of us have this idea that you have to work harder and harder to the point of injury with our PE routine to make gains, when in fact this mentality is maybe what we need to get away from for optimal growth.

Be it tugging with too much force on your foreskin or intense work outs jelqing, ulis, pumping, hanging, I think it all adds up the same way. Maybe we can use what studies that have been done on tissue expansion and apply it to PE.



I hope so. I’ve felt since I began PE that it should be fun, not torture. I’m very interested in your Experiment II. Have decided for several reasons that I am not an appropriate participant but will be happy to help you in any way you choose - except monitoring this thing 12 hrs a day!

I’ve nearly always (with a few noteable exceptions which gave me grief) stuck to the notion that less might be better. It may well be that my tissues are more easily manipulated than those of others, but I sure am happy with the results of my various routines. If you can show that this is indeed a valid procedure for PE, a lot of guys will be spending less time pulling and yanking and a lot more time having fun doing other things.

PM me if you need anything.



Here is another routine if anyone would like to try it, and I will try my best at explaining the theory behind it. Everyone here, I’m sure has an idea on how bodybuilders gain muscle. There is basically to ways they gain, one is by hypertrophy and the other way is by hyperplasia.

Hypertrophy is when cells become bigger.
Hyperplasia is an increase in cell numbers.

On Mon, and Tues> Intense workouts…

5-10 min hot wrap.
Manual stretches.
Jelqing, Uli and pumping routine.
5-10 min hot wrap.
kegels workout.

On Wed, Thurs, and Fri> Very low intensity high frequencies…

6am… Jelqing, Uli, stretching, and pumping routine.
10am.. Jelqing, Uli, stretching, and pumping routine.
2pm… Jelqing, Uli, stretching, and pumping routine.
6pm… Jelqing, Uli, stretching, and pumping routine.
10pm.. Jelqing, Uli, stretching, and pumping routine.
kegels workout.

The workouts can be something like this…

Jelqs 30-50 light intensity
Ulis 2-5 light intensity
Stretching 2-5 30 second pulls
Pump one session for 5-10 minutes at 3HG

Now you can change the times and exercises around a bit to fit into your life style, but you want to try and keep them about 4 hours apart. What we are trying to do here is create and ADS type effect to hold open the microtears that was developed in the Mon, and Tues workout to help hyperplasia to take place as you heal. Your Wed, Thurs, and Fri workouts should only have a fraction of the intensity used on Mon and Tues.

You might even try a three day intense workout followed by a two day low intensity follow up, with week ends off.


I thought this was interesting enough to bring it back into the mix to hopefully get some more feedback or comments.

All change is not growth, as all movement is not forward.

Modemmer, greetings:

I very much like your ideas about light, consistent stress. I have been doing quite heavy-duty workouts for quite a long time (as I have indicated in earlier posts), but I have been getting gains with glacial slowness — the main result is that I now have a much tougher penis, but not a much bigger one. For the next few months, if I can work it, I’d like to try 2 days heavy followed by your light routine (every 2 hours) for 3 days, with 2 days off. I expect to hang on the 2 heavy days, as well as do some manual stretching. Comments welcome.


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