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After two months can I.....

After two months can I.....

Start a light pumping routine? I am almost two months Into pe, I do the newbie routine without the stretches because my penis does not like it! I am jelqing for 20 minutes now and feel like I need to add something and girth has always been my goal. I know you have to be careful with pumping and it is not for beginners but I am confident I can handle a light pumping and jelqing routine, what do you guys think?

I’d wait another month. :)

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Only you know your penis. How are your physiological indicators? Light pumping could be carefully introduced now. Having said that, there is no need to rush into anything, patience is key in PE

How much research have you done into pumping? The “Penis Pump” forum is your friend.

Good luck decentusername.

My pi’s are good when I started I could hardly kegel at all I can now do 5 second holds with no problems. I started with 10 minutes of jelqing and I have worked this up to 20 minutes. I get morning wood every day and my eq has always been good to be honest so no change there. I can’t stretch, tried shorter lighter stretching sessions but it kills my eq and morning wood. Not that bothered because I am more interested in girth than length although any more length would be a bonus too. I just feel like I have a pretty strong dick that needs more of a challenge. If I get 100% erection and try to jelq, It is so hard I cannot squeeze it enough to force blood up it. Does that make sense? There is no give in the sides at all.


Starting 14/04/13 ~ 5.50 NBPEL, 4.75 MSEG

I have looked through a lot of pumping threads. The pumping 101 thread is excellent. I can’t remember the authors name but that is the sort of routine I am considering. The which pump debate seems to be the biggest challenge for a first timer!


Starting 14/04/13 ~ 5.50 NBPEL, 4.75 MSEG

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