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After pumping

After pumping

Ok, all these people on here talk about post pumping and how they’re so huge afterwards. Some people even say they gain up to an inch in girth. Now when I pump I hardly gain a thing, if anything at all.

I guess it is noticible in the tube as I pump. I notice that during my third pumping session my dick is more expanded than it was during the first, but when I release the pressure, everything goes away. People talk about how they’re so hard and huge after a pumping session, but I’m usually about 1/3 erect when I come out of the tube. My dick definitely feels really pumped and heavy and my flacid hang is good, but I don’t get these huge girth gains and massive erections afterwards.

Will this be a problem for me gaining some girth?

Thanks for any help!

Sounds normal to me. My dick isn’t huge after pumping. When I jelq and squeeze afterward it expands very well, similar to how it responds at the end of a good squeeze session, except the head gets bigger :) . Erect girth is up - a combination of internal expansion and external fluid. BPEL is usually up 1/8” over a normal erection, which is typical for me after any kind of good PE workout.

Flaccid girth is a little chubbier than usual due to some fluid buildup. Flaccid length varies. Sometimes it will retract a little for an hour or two, then relax to a good length.

I can’t use a wrap or cock ring immediately after or my dick gets extremely boated with fluid, which is something I try to avoid.

Mick, it took a couple months of regular pumping for me before the post-pump flaccid increase became really noticeable. Thereafter it lasted longer and longer during the day. And it’s pretty much normal not to be hard when you release the pressure.

If you are like Hobby, though (highly prone to fluid build-up), don’t try to overcompensate with long sessions just to get the effect. That won’t help your overall gains.



Mick, greetings:

My experience is almost exactly the same as yours, and I’m counting on patience and consistency to make a difference over time. I have now logged 145 pump sessions, and although I get a bit thicker, it’s nothing dramatic, and certainly nothing as remarkable as the results some of our friends on this forum get. I guess that, just as some are fast gainers, some also are fast packers.

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