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Advice for the Day

Advice for the Day

Hi Guys,
Thought I would share this tidbit of embarassment with you all.

I recently cobbled together a homemade pump, and have been following a fairly regular routine, with pretty good results.

Anyway, this morning I pumped up like I normally do, and had pretty impressive results (Caught the girl at the gas station indulging in a bit of crotch watching when I stopped for my morning soda) ;)

Anyway, I forgot I had a meeting this morning, with a female customer no less, and I was bulging pretty big time, not that that’s all bad ;) but not very professional looking just the same.

Anyway, big bulge, and to top it off a nice wet spot. In khaki’s no less.
I gave the presentation sitting down. 8)

Any advice on how I can avoid this in the future?


wear black pants for presentations

Check it out guys, no need to have a big dick if you ain't gonna use it!!

I like luvdadus’ suggestion.

Keep the bulge; that’s one of the things you’re working to have. But easy to choose dark slacks that are looser fitting for a business setting where the bulge may be distracting.

Pre-cum leakage sometimes goes with the territory in pumping. Try covering your dick with a piece of Kleenex when you dress?



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