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Adventures in Travel with Pump??

Adventures in Travel with Pump??

Question for everyone as a newbie PEer and pumper, that I haven’t seen discussed anywhere on forum, at least as I’ve searched it.

I’m traveling extensively over the next few months on very short trips (1-4 nights) and I’d like to take my new pump and tube with me, so that I can continue with my program, but … Has anyone had any experiences with airline travel with their equipment, particularly with post 9/11 heightened security? I’m one of those single traveling guys with just one carry-on who ALWAYS gets searched, or so it seems. And now that even check-in baggage is screened manually at LAX, Logan, and other airports, and given that the pump could easily be mistaken for a firearm under an XRay, I can see the scenario in O’Hare right now…

Any advice, based on travel experiences veteran pumpers have had??

Thanks in advance! :-)


I have always put mine in checked, but since your’s is in carry on, I guess you will just have to live with the inspections. Believe me, they have seen it all, so don’t worry. Besides, you will be just passing thru and once gone, forgotten.

Just tell them it’s for post partum depression, and the sooner you can depart, the better.

I do a fair amount of short-haul travel between islands where a carry on bag is all that is necessary. The last time I took my pump with me in carry on was the last time.

I was in a long line of impatient travelers. A female security person (it would be a female, of course) was alerted by the X-ray tech person, also female, and flagged me for a personal inspection. I was asked to remove everything in my carry on bag. Anybody getting inspection attracts the attention of other travelers, and everybody near me gauked. She lifted up the pump and looked it all over, then she held the damned thing up in the air and said, “What _is_ this thing?” I didn’t have a ready answer but before I could say anything she asked a male agent nearby, “Is this for SCUBA diving, or what?” I said, “Exactly.” The male agent actually grinned (a fellow pumper?) and told her to pass me through.

The delay was considerable (I had to repack) and because lines were long we were all running tight to catch our flights anyway. I wouldn’t put my pump in carry on again, rather just take along a small bag to check in.



The only real way to avoid personal inspection is to check your luggage and just tolerate the delays that go along with waiting for your baggage. The northern airports seem the worst to me (Logan, LaGuardia, etc), damn union baggage handlers I guess.

You all are still missing the point... The story was great and all but should have ass (and) some anal in it.- RWG

Avocet, you had me in stitches! Too funny!.



Too funny for words! Of course if it was me in your place I would have shit my pants! Still, now that gal knows what a cock pump looks like. At least you taught her something.

Well, she knows what a SCUBA diving accessory looks like at least. For her sake, I hope she is not planning this type of holiday for herself and her other half. Just imagine her attempts to describe the last outstanding piece of equipment required, in the sports section of a busy department store.

LOL rouss

Well, I’m traveling this week to NY on the shuttle, and based upon your recommendations, gentlemen, I’m checking my one bag :-) I’ll report back and let everyone know if there are any hassles.

Thanks for your input!

Originally Posted by gprent101

Too funny for words! Of course if it was me in your place I would have shit my pants! Still, now that gal knows what a cock pump looks like. At least you taught her something.

As rousseau said, though, now she thinks she knows what SCUBA gear looks like.



I traveled cross-country with my pump and other PE equipment (cock rings, etc.) three months ago. I purchased a nice black nylon shave kit bag from Eddie Bauer that is perfect for holding a pump, lube and two cylinders. Nice and stealthy. Last year, Eddie Bauer also sold some small zippered black nylon bags that are perfect for cock rings, cable clamps, etc. I keep my stuff in these at home and when I travel. I love the black color, nice and stealthy.

I made sure that I packed all my PE stuff in my checked luggage. It added several pounds to my bag and almost put me over the 50 lb./bag weight limit! Didn’t have to answer any questions. I use a plastic Mity Vac pump which probably doesn’t set off the metal detectors they use on the checked luggage.

J Meister "Building a phallus worthy of worship."

Yeah, I’ve had my metal pump pulled out of my carry-on at LaGuardia because they saw it on the X-ray machine. It was for…………………aquariums. Yeah, thats it. Luckily, they didn’t find the tube. I had visions of Austin Powers after that. Also had lead weights pulled out of carry-on for hanging, but they’re easier to explain. Rehabbing my dang shoulder.

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