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ADS and pumping.

ADS and pumping.

I don’t think I have ever gained anything from ADS itself, but I still do it because it may help maintain gains, and how could I prove or not prove that?

First I need to define ADS. The gains that I have got in the past were from hanging 2.6#’s four to six hours a day, some may consider that to be ADS, but I consider it to be the same as traction, but without an extender. I gained about 1.25”s EL from doing this over about a 9 month period. I kept doing it for another 3 months, but I didn’t gain anymore.

For some reason I didn’t show much flaccid gain, so I decided to do some pumping for mainly flaccid. I pump once every day and a half. I vary the vacuum for 5 minutes, then hold it for 15 minutes (5hg), and then vary it again for another 5 minutes. After that I do 5 minutes of Jelging. After this my flaccid hang is about an inch and a half more then normal, and it is at this point I wonder if a little ADS may be a good idea. I am just using a HTW, and a couple of golf weights held on with a smaller sized clamp. I can take it off and put it on in just a few seconds, so it’s not much trouble. I am just thinking it may help maintain some of the length I added from pumping, the way hangers use it to help hold their gains in place.

Does this make sense to any more experienced pumpers, or am I just wasting my time with the ADS?

I have went into my phallosan after using a bathmate for the reasons you stated.Trying to keep my penis healing in the longer expanded state makes sense. I have not done it much though

I usually do a short hanging session in the mornings followed by a ADS throughout the day. End the day with more hanging. U believe this has greatly improved my flaccid and almost stopped turtling.

Started: (NOV14) BPEL 5" MEG 4.75" BEG 4.75"

Current: BPEL 6.438 MEG 4.875" BEG 5.25"

Has anyone tried using a adc device while using traction for length?

Originally Posted by sweeternuts

Has anyone tried using a adc device while using traction for length?

ADS?. That is pretty much what I was doing. I got EL gains, but not much flaccid gains. Interestingly I got some nice girth increases with traction, but I was jelging too, so that might be where the girth came from.

I think he means all day clamp or all day cock ring. In that case I have also messed with putting on a cock ring and then going into my phallosan a few times to keep it maximally expanded but I am done using my phallosan and didn’t stick with it long but seems like a good idea

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