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aching erections after pumping

aching erections after pumping

Hi, its been a while since I’ve been on here because I was experimenting with pumping and thought it was going okay until 2 days ago. I was using a 1.75” tube and moved up past my original mark fairly quickly after doing 3 sets of 10 mins and 25 jelqs in between. I kept on getting lymph blisters (?) at the tip of my penis though and so I thought maybe the tube was too tight so I moved up to the 2” tube. I have been using this one for the last 5 sessions (I do 2 on 1 off) starting at 10 mins and moving up to 3 sets of 10mins 2 days ago. I try to keep the pressure at about 4hg but I cant hold as good a seal with the 2” one so I pump it to 4hg and then when it drops to 2.5hg I squeeze the pump handle so it goes up to 4-5hg again. The trouble is that I am doing this pretty much every second and so maybe it is creating a different kind of pressure on my penis- a fluctuating one instead of constant?

Anyway, my session 2 days ago didnt feel that comfortable towards the 30min mark and I cut it short by a couple minutes but the problem came later when I tried to get an erection; i could get one but it had a dull ache to it and if I kegelled it would border on hurting, like the fibres had gotten tighter or something. I didnt have morning wood this morning so I’m thinking that I overtrained but if I am only pumping at 4-5hg max and not even for 30 mins I didnt think that was likely to happen.

Should I drop my sesions back down to 10 minutes and build it up in 5 minute jumps over the next few weeks?

Anyone else with a similar experience?

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01/02/2014 - NBPEL 16.5cm / BPEL 18.5cm / BPFSL 20.3cm / Girth12.5cm - 10 minute pump, 20 jelqs, 5 minute pump 20 jelqs ~2.5-3hg 1 on 2 off.

01/09/2014 - NBPEL 16.5cm / BPEL 19cm / BPFSL 20.5cm / Girth12.7cm / BPELIP 19.2cm

I’ve experienced negative PI’s from just 15 minutes pumping at a pressure of 4hg. Take a few days break until everything is functioning properly again, then start again with an easier routine - it’s all about finding YOUR zone.

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