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Achieve Permanent Gains W/ Pumping


Cock/ball strap


where can I find an adjustable strap as you describe in the recent post.
I can not find one that is adjustable, and will fit over the whole package. Spent $$$ still will not go around the whole package, not long enough and not adjustable.


I’m having the same problem bigmac8


I got mine at an adult store. But they’re sold on the Net. Here’s a site address to an illustration and Net source. Don’t know if this will work as a link.…&pnum=DJ2000-01

I tried one with velcro instead of snaps but it wasn’t nearly long enough to go around. The snap ones all seem to be large enough to work well. Hope this helps.




Hey Avocet8, I was just wondering how long did it take before you saw any gains,sorry for asking this question I know you’ve been asked this over and over. Also when I’m finished with my routine I feel tired down in my manhood I don’t feel I can’t get an erection I just feel tired, but when I’m in the tube I feel I’m getting a good pull and expansion. Sometimes it aches at the base of my head but other than that everything feels alright.




I wish there were a macro for this, I could just push a button and reveal my gains when asked. :-)

Pumping alone - no other PE - an inch of length and some amount of girth in about 4 months.

I think this, N2. If your PE workout, no matter what it comprises, leaves you feeling like you can’t get hard after it, you are doing too much of something. The fun part of PE should be that you do your work and you still feel sexually up.

Take a hard (excuse me) look at your routine and see if you can figure out what element of it is sapping you. Jelking, for example, tuckers me out if I do too much of it.




When I get tired it’s usually an hour or two after my routine but right after I come out of the tube I feel just fine, I’m thinking it could be the jelqing part of the workout because when I first started PEing all I did was jelqing and manual stretching and I felt the same way that I do now an hour or two after my routine plus I don’t the cut on my shaft nor does the rawness of my member help any.

P.S. I got the cut and the soreness at the base and up the shaft of my penis from cutting pube hair !!!


Distortion in too large of cylinder

What pressure are you using to achieve a distortion while
Pumping?? I notice that if the cylinder is “just right” (I.e, girth just fills tube) I tend to develop a distortion in the way of too “round” looking..

I thought that a tube that allowed the full expanse of your willie would allow a natural pump without the “:sausage distortion ” effect


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