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Achieve Permanent Gains W/ Pumping

Back to the question...

I too would like to learn the best techniques to acheive permanent gains through pumping.

There’s a lot of good info in this thread on pumps and cylinder sizes, thats helpful because I am like pewarrior in that I bought a cheap ‘huge’ pump and I havent been happy with the gains (if any). I believe most of my gains have come from jelqing and manual stretches.

My “torture tube” is 2 1/2” OD. The flimsy latex sheath that came with it tore on the edges of the tube opening so I bought a regular Gel lee gasket. The opening is much smaller in diameter than the tube. Is this hindering my girth gains?

Modemmer said the 2 1/2” tubes are for 7” length or more but I tip out at 7” and this tube seems gigantic to me.

I’m going to check out the sites you guys recommended and I’d really appreiciate any further suggestions on equipment and workout routines for those forever gains.

Thank you.. thank you very much…

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Modemmer was talking about girth, not length. eg, a 2.5” diameter tube will accomodate 7” of girth. Check out the sizing recommendations at

If buying a new pump (sounds like a good idea to me from what you describe) order a 10” long cylinder. This will give you plenty of room for length expansion.

You’ll get the best gains through a combination of pumping and jelking exercises, alternating the two in routines of your choice. As for starting suggestions, you can’t go wrong with Modemmer’s beginners’ routine. Easy does it, especially as you learn to train your tissues to pumping.



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Thank you for the clarification. I see now that modemmer mentioned girth.

That tells me that my pump is too large in diameter. Thats good to know.

I’ll follow your suggestions and hopefully will soon be posting my happy little gains.

I’m curious about their size calculator…

I got the smallest tube as it said it’d work best for 4.75 (I’m 4.5). Using a lot of KY I still have a haaard time getting my head in, let alone fitting the whole thing in. It actually hurts as I have to squeeze it in and the pump is not enjoyable :(

I am going to get the next larger and report, I have a larger head and I think that may be the big problem. At less than 2hg I already filled it half way up my length, that just doesn’t seem right..


That don’t seem right as you may now my girth is 4 5/8 last time i measure, and i have the same cylinder make sure to put a good bit of the lube on the head as well as inside the cylinder before you go in. Also when going in watch your gauge after you get alittle in hit the pressure release button then push some more in the hit the buttom again! Pressure tends to build up when your going in which makes it harder to fit so just let the pressure out.

Also I think that your gauge is off as mine was, what does the needle rest on when the pumps not in use?


nigret - tube size

Doesn’t sound right to me, either. But their charts don’t allow for individual shaft/glans differences. I think you’d be better off with the next size up from what you have now. Sounds way too tight for the time you’ve been pumping.

PS: Rests at “0” on my gauge.



Can those of you who gained with the aid of pumping please list your gains and also time spent pumping? Also, which is better, the vaccuum pump or the manual hand pump? Thanks.


I gained about an inch of length and some margin of girth through pumping alone. But after beginning jelking along with pumping I got more gains, now more than 2 inches L altogether and a half inch girth. I couldn’t begin to tell you which caused what. But the combination has been excellent for me.

I prefer a hand-held pump only because I am in total control of the pressure. Others may prefer the electric models which can be pre-set.



thanks advocet8. I had a cheep hand pump which worked for 1 week, then after that I had all the trouble in the world trying to pump up. The stinker didnt work after that, so I quit pumping on that. Can you recommend a good reliable hand pump for me. I prefer the hand pump once it works and I dont have to spend 20 mins pumping my eyeballs out trying to get just a little bit of pressure. This way I can take it anywhere without having to look for an outlet. How soon during your pumping career did you get any gains?

In four months of pumping only, 1 inch. But it has to be considered that I am one of those fast gainers, looks like.

I bought mine from LA Pump:

and have been very pleased with it. No problems in nearly daily use during a year and a half. I bought the “Deluxe” model, with gauge and brass pump, not a bad deal at something like $130 with cylinder plus shipping. They are trustworthy. I’ve talked with them a number of times about pumping stuff. Always responsive.



Thanks avocet8. If I have close to a 6” girth and want to go to 7”, do I order the 2” or the 21/4”. Also, if I want to go to 10” length, do I order a 10” cylinder or 11”. Thanks.


If you’re close to 6”, buy the 2 in. cylinder and after you have worked your way up to packing it at low pressure then you move up to the bigger size. Buy a cylinder thats about 3 inches longer than you are now.


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I’m trying to put on permanent length and not girth I was just wondering if pumping would be good for me, also you guy’s were talking about pumping and jelqing do you first use the pump then take it off and jelq or the other way around because it would seem to me to be better to jelq before using the pump because your forcing blood into your penis and getting it engorged first rather than just forcing in fluid that results from pumping.

I’d say both. When you jelq first, you sort of speed up the process that pumping does. Apres pump is a good time to both jelq and squeeze, but lighter than you would if you hadn’t pumped first.

My 2 cents.



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I start off with stretches/squeezes after the warm up only because I find stretches easier to do when I’m not very hard. By the time I finish that and get through the first set of 100 jelks I’m usually hard and then I begin the first vacuum pump of a set of three, with jelks and squeezes between pump sessions of about 6 - 8 minutes.

I think Tex is probably right on the money. You need apply less effort to your physical routine if you’re going to follow it with some pumping.

Whatever way you choose (and you should try both methods), pick the one that feels best to you; the one that ends your PE sessions most often feeling bigger.




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