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Acclimating to Pumping?



Braker and Hobby,

As an experiment, why don’t you try wrapping around the “donut” area (i.e. for me at and above my circumcision scar line) before pumping. Sometimes when I want to experiment with some serious pumping, I will take some tissue and fold it over several times and then wrap the tissue around the area at and above my circumcision line and below the glans. Then I’ll take some electrical tape and wrap around the tissue. The tissue is just a cushion between my dick and the tape.

You can use your own alternatives. What this wrap does is to keep this potential “donut” area from expanding as the rest of the shaft and head does. When I’m done pumping and undo the wrap, I don’t get the “donut” and the lower half of my shaft seems to hold its pump thickness much better. So try just pumping only for awhile with this wrapping technique (or your own) and see if this helps to prevent the “donut” effect.


Addendum to previous suggestion

One more thing. After you’re done pumping, keep your wrap on for at least 20-30 minutes to allow the fluid build up from pumping to spread out evenly into the unwrapped areas of your shaft. I think what this procedure will do is to help train the non “donut” areas of your shaft to take on more of the pump, while keeping the “donut” area relatively unbothered.


Thanks peforeal,

That sounds interesting, I’ll give it a go when I decide to pump for huge again.

I use a unrolled condom with end out in the area behind glans to eliminate trauma in this area when pumping YMMV.

Darn i don’t type what i’m thinking. Leave the condom rolled up with end out.

Wrapping the donuts

I tried peforeal’s wrapping suggestion yesterday, and it worked well. I used a 1.5” strip of gray Theraband and secured it with a rubber band barely snug enough to hold the Thera in place. An added benefit was increased head expansion. I think the wrap acted as a mini “Uli Thing.” Normally a wrap for girth won’t build much pressure in front of it if placed so close to the head, but pumping changes this. Cool.

My head has definitely grown since I began pumping. It looks bigger, and the coronal ridge is more prominent.

Another suggestion


I’m glad you found my suggestion useful. I think I’ve found an even better alternative, and you can read about it in a new thread that I just started on “Donut Prevention - A Wrap Suggestion” in the Pumpers Forum. Try it and let me know what you think.


The self-stick bandage may be just the ticket for those who don’t have Thera or an equivalent on hand, but I think I’ll stick with the Thera/rubber band combo for now because it is completely waterproof and reusable (and I don’t have to buy anything else :) ). I haven’t tried it under water yet though, and it’s possible the water will prevent Thera’s natural tackiness from holding as securely.


I’ve never tried Thera Band, but your Thera band/tape combo seems to be working well for you. And ultimately, finding a method or product that does the job is what counts. My new suggestion, the ACE SELF-ADHERING BANDAGE, works particularly well for me, since I can leave it on after pumping, still take a shower and have it cling on securely. The main thing is that we’ve found ways to wrap and prevent the infamous “donut”.



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