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Accept me into your world, oh pumpers

Accept me into your world, oh pumpers


Wow, nice forum you got here. Like the hangers forum but with less stickys. That and you talk about a completely different exercise.

I bet you thought you were safe here, didnt you?

“Sheesh I better go to the pumpers forum, to get away from that SS4 guy”

You are no longer safe, not even here.

It is true, I will soon be one of you! I have ordered a pump, expect it will arrive in a week or so.

I hope to join in your discussions soon.

Maybe a name change is in order? SS4JelqHangStretchPumpUli

Got a nice ring to it, dont you think?

Time to read pumping 101 I guess.

BTW I am going for the record number of paragraphs in a post here.

No kidding.


Good Luck


hi, SS4;

Consider yourself “in.”

We are not nearly as perverted as those hangers are. And we do not have to worry about disguising our cylinders and hand pumps under our street clothes. We just pump up and then let it all hang.

Read Pumping 101 and try to catch up on back posts, although no one here will swat you for asking Newbie questions when you need to. We are all learning, all the time.

It’s a nice club here. And pumping feels darned good, too.




Welcome to the big wide wacky world of pumping! Prepare to be hooked once you get your cylinder and your first taste of a fat pumped (but proportional) dick. There’s no turning back then!


Ah, but that is part of his personal appeal.

He’ll be a good pumper. Someday we may ban him here at Thunders because he has become so big that he is an embarrassment to the rest of us.




I think it was three bannings? Or was if four? Dont u worry, i will read da forum guidelines again b4 I post in the pumpers forum!


>He’ll be a good pumper. Someday we may ban him here at Thunders because he has become so big that he is an embarrassment to the rest of us.<

What an exit that would be, lol! I will have something to shout about in a year from now, that is for sure. A big dick with *normal skin colour*, sounds good to me.

I hope the pumping will help with enlargement, but I am really in it to try and get rid of discolouration. I am really excited, like xmas!!

I’m, dreaming of a white, penis. Just like the one I used to know (but bigger).


“I’m, dreaming of a white, penis. Just like the one I used to know…”

Guys, it’s lines like this he was banned for elsewhere.

Gird your loins. SS4’s pump is in the mail.



OK kids, the pump as indeed arrived today, I just did my first 10 minute session. After the 10mins, I was like, is that it? But I did stop there, to stick to the plan.

I pumped at 5HG.


You said that in order to cause fluid buildup, extended times are needed, even at low pressure. How long and at what pressure would you advise? There was no fluid at all after 10mins.


(I should tell you all that SS4 wants to get fluid build-up because he has a theory that this can aid in the fading of discolorations caused by manual exercise.)


This is a cummulative process. Before you can tinker with creating fluid build-up, you first have to condition your cock to handle vacuum pressure. Follow the plan, working up in gradual steps as outlined in Pumping 101. After about 4 weeks, you should be in pretty good shape to extend your in-tube time enough to get the build-up you are looking for.

When you have got to that point, instead of going into the tube erect, go in flaccid or just partially engorged. Do not attempt to become erect immediately. Let the process happen slowly at about the speed you would normally have an erection. Long pumping sets will encourge fluid build-up. But don’t do that now. Condition first.




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