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About pumping training

About pumping training


Just wanted to ask you guys more about pumping.

First of all, I’ve bought my first pump ( which doesn’t match my size - the pump is 21 cm long and 6 cm wide and my penis is 17 cm bpel and 4 cm wide ) and I wanted to know more about pumping sessions for enlarging your penis.

1. Pumping should be done erect or flaccid?
2. For how long should I pump as a beginner?
3. How do I know I’ve reached the desired pressure? How should I feel? Pain, Disconfort?
4. When you reach your maximum ( in the tube ) should you keep your pressure for the next minutes, or should you pump continuously ( air in, air out ) I mean, should pumping be done for a single time in a session, and keep your penis strong and under pressure for 10 - 15 minutes, or release the pressure , than start pumping again and again?
5. Do you get more erect lenght when pumping? I mean, 18 instead of your regular size of 17?

6. Is pumping an efficient way of getting more lenght / girth without changing the shape of your penis?
I really like it’s shape right now. I don’t want to have more proeminent veins, curved, shaped, penis

Thx a lot for all your answers! I really hope you can help me.

I take it you haven’t done any reading in the Pumpers Forum. There are a lot of other similar threads to yours asking the same questions, but for sure you should read this as it contains info you need to get started: Vacuum Pumping 101

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