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A question for pumpers

A question for pumpers

I tried to post this in the pumpers forum, but was unable. If you could move it there I would appreciate it.

I purchased a pump with a vacuum gauge. When it arrived, I noticed that the needle started at -3 hg. I sent the company an e-mail addressing the problem and they sent me a new gauge.

I used the first gauge for about 2 weeks while waiting on the new gauge to arrive. As soon as I would squeeze the handle, the needle would begin to move. Now I have installed the new gauge that starts at 0 but when I squeeze the handle, it takes 3 pumps before the needle begins to move.

I just need to know if this is normal. Should the needle move on the first squeeze? I can feel the suction on the first and second squeeze. I’m not trying to be nit picking but I want to pump no higher than -5hg and I am afraid that if the needle is not moving properly that I could be inadvertently pumping at -7 or -8 hg.

Thanks in advance for your replies.

Yes,I believe it should move with each pump.I bought mine at the wholesale tool supply store.Never have problems & it always moves the needle on each pump.

That sounds normal to me. If you look closely you will see that the first graduation mark starts as 1.5”hg, then 2”hg and so forth, so the first pump or two is just bringing the pressure up to the 1.5”hg mark.

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I have a Harbor Freight pump and it usually takes a pump or two to get the needle to move when I start with a flaccid penis. the first pump pulls out the flaccid penis without creating a vacuum. When completely flaccid, I can start as short as 1.5 inches and the vacuum can lengthen it up to 3.5 inches before the needle starts to move. Are you erect or flaccid when you enter the tube?

Thanks for the answers, I’m usually between 50-70% erect when entering the tube. I can feel the vacuum on the first and second squeeze, but not nearly as strong as on the third squeeze and so on.

I pumped up to -5 hg today and it definitely felt like a much stronger vacuum than when my other gauge read -5 hg. Plus I had a small blood spot under the skin on the bottom side of my penis when I got done. (3 sets x 6 minutes each.)

I might just pump up to -3 hg just to stay on the safe side.

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