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A question about pumping sets

A question about pumping sets

I’m currently in my third week of pumping and am doing 2 10 minute sets a day. I was wondering if i shud be doing 1 set in the morning and one in the evening or is doing 2 10 minute sets at one time of day better, does it make much of a difference? Also i read that as the weeks go by i can increase to doing 20 minute sets, is this 20 minutes pumping in the tube with no break? Finally what is milking the tube is it as simple as it sounds ive been making the jelqing motion over my tube and it sort of pulls the tube away from my body and gives the vacuum a little boost, is that what i am suppost to be doing? Cheers,


P.S. so far i’m really enjoying pumping :)



Perhaps Advocet or peforeal will chime in with better advice, but I find it is best to just do one session a day. Two ten minute sets is a good start at pressures between 5 and 8 max. Then leave it alone for at least 24 hours. Newbies should never stay more than fifteen minutes in the tube at a time. Milking is just what you think. This really helps. The most important thing is to stay hard in the tube, or as hard as you can. Use whatever method that works, porno, vibrators, or do what I do and have your S/O milk the tube for you, but staying stimulated during you sets will insure you pump blood instead of lymph. Blood engorges the internal structures rather than just skin. The skin bloat you get from lymphatic fluid looks good for a little while, but soon fades. Blood engorgement works on the long term gains, the real gains.

Good Luck

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After you have conditioned your cock to the stresses in pumping, you can do longer periods in the tube if you want. However, many of us have found that repeated shorter sets of 6 - 8 minutes prodice greater exchange of newly-oxygenated blood and are therefore more likely to lead to gains than extended periods under vacuum.

Yes, you have the idea on milking.

Glad you are enjoying pumping. Think where you are going to be, sizewise, in a year. Visualization is a real positive in PE.



Thanks for the replies guys, im finding the visulization part of pe easy with pumping as you can really see where you could be at size wise whilst in the tube and this is a really great motivator for me,cheers,



As to Big Girtha’s point about blood and lymph. I don’t use anything to stay hard in the tube while pumping, and essentially I don’t stay properly hard.

I have engorgement beyond normal and increased size, but I force blood in through strong kegels. Isn’t this as good as staying hard, i.e. watching porn etc?

I also use tube milking, it seems good.

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