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A quality pump is the way to go...

A quality pump is the way to go...

Wanted to post this as I was excited about the result of pumping with a quality pump…
Yesterday 07.21.03, I received a pump I had ordered through, L.A Pumps.
I purchased a 10.0”x2 1/4” cylinder with a pressure guage.
My old pump was a bit used, so I wanted a new one, I used to have a 9.0”x2.5” cylinder, no guage and it was made out of plastic, a bit cheap looking…

Anyway I decided last night I was going to give the new pump a go….

Man, did I notice the difference. I measure in at 7.5”-7.75”x6.5” erect.
I did 2x15min pumping sessions, along with some other girth excercises, as it was girth night, and on the second set I completely filled the cylinder, all the way. I`m saying, my dick was squashed in the thing.
I pulled it out and measured in at 7.5inches, erect at mid shaft, and an amazing 8.0” at the base, I`m not joking, it was enormous. I was so impressed, I called my wife into the bathroom, and she couldn`t believe her eyes. Not only did I have big girth, my length went to 8.25”, which is the longest it has ever been.

The whole of the next day, it has been fat. Sitting down I had this huge bulge in my pants, I was a bit self concious of it , wondered if anyone had noticed…

Anna, can`t wait to get my camera fixed, and Regularwhiteguy, I know exactly how you feel……

Gettin Bigger

Sorry Thunder, I was so excited, I put this Thread in the wrong place, my appologies…..

Gettin Bigger

Again, I gotta say…

Pumpers must have the biggest dicks of any PE group.

Am I wrong here?


(PS I’m really enjoying pumping. I haven’t experienced all that swelling and such that other pumpers go through. I get a little bit, but after some jelqing, all is fine.)

Keep doin' what your doin' ...

And you'll keep getting what ya got.

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