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A few quick pumpin questions (help)

A few quick pumpin questions (help)

Well I’m about to order my pump from LA pumps. I’ve read over many of the threads; however, some things still seem a bit fuzzy to me. I know to use a lube to keep a good seal, but are there many different types of lube I can use (i.e. something in a supermarket like vaselin)?

Also, I am just around 5.25” girth, but when I clamp I exceed 5.5 so although a 1.75” tube is recommended would it be smarter to go with a 2.0” since my clamping has proven my expansion? I know that smaller is normally better, but the 1.75” tube would only allow me to expand about 2.5” (less than my clamping).

Finally, a question about the box it comes in. Is the box unmarked because I do not want my roommates to see “PENIS PUMP” in big letters when it comes :) .

Any input is appreciated guys

I can only help with one of your questions. I’m sure someone else will probably answer your question about the box packing and tube size before too long though. I use KY now for my lube. It gives me a good seal, easy to clean up, and if your wife or girlfriend or whatever wants to take advantage of any after-pump size, it won’t eat away at your condom if you wear one. Good luck.


I also prefer the water based lubes like KY or the much cheaper generic Target or Wal Mart brand. Just add a little water when you use it, to make it really slick.

You should definitely get the 2.0” cylinder.

The box is unmarked of course.

Vaseline sometimes melts the latex on some pumps and it is always good to use a water salable lubricant like KY Jelly

Started 6.5 got up to 8 by pumping alone.

Love giving girls squirting orgasms by G-Spot Stimulation and or Clitoral Stimulation.

That is the bottom line because Stone Cold says so.

Thanks guys, I was leaning toward the 2.0”. I also called the company and although I did not get to talk with anyone they said that everything was discrete on their voice mail (or it implied that).

I’m going to order my pump now. And start with a very light routine. I still have more to read and learn, but by chance does anyone know off hand why some people who first start do a 10 min pump session but break it up like so: 5min pump, 5 min jelq, 5 min pump, 5 min jelq. I’m assuming this is for the purpose to get fresh blood in (like with clamping), but I was just curious how long a “noob” pumper should keep it on.

Yeah it’s mainly to get fresh blood in, in my case. For a “noob”, I would recommend reading Avocet’s Pumping 101 tutorial. Just follow that routine for awhile and see how it goes.

Vacuum Pumping 101

Yes, I read that actually twice :]. It’s definitly very helpful and also makes me want to incorporate using a wrap. I had a wrist wrap, but I cut it and used it for clamping. Unfortunately I also am a visual learner and my reading comprehension while trying to actually picture things is bad. So I can’t tell if I should actually wrap my entire shaft or just around the base to create a loose type of ring. I think it would defeat the purpose of trying to gain any kind of girth; however, I could see how it would increase flaccid length. Thanks for the help thus far guys.

Wrapping both shaft and balls will probably increase flaccid size in both length and girth in the long run. Did for me and others here. When you wrap, do so when your cock is at some degree of “up.” Even full erection. Helps “train” your unit to stay larger.

If you usually wake with a hard-on, wrap that immediately for an hour or two unless that would freak out your wife or sleeping partner. :)



I started with Vaseline, then got lazy, and discovered that I don’t need any kind of lube at all for a good seal. Just a good trim :-)

Incidentally, after many months of this, I find I no longer get cold and purple from pumping. (Comes out very pink/red and very warm, almost hot.) I can also go much longer clamped before experiencing those symptoms. I’d like to believe this means my local circulation has improved greatly.

Thanks for all the input guys. Avocet8, when you wrap is it a wrap similar to one you would use while clamping, although you are wrapping when pretty much erect? I did some hanging and have experience wrapping; however, I would see this as hindering your girth gains while improving flaccid length. Another words you would almost be squeezing blood out of your shaft while keeping it elongated. I’m not experienced with this portion of pumping so I am probably incorrect.

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