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A few Newbie Questions and notes

A few Newbie Questions and notes

Hello All. First, I want to once again say how grateful I am to the senior members
here, all of their help has been greatly appreciated.

That being said, I did something last night that most would advise against.
I went for about a 90 mn/2 hr pump. Now, before I get scolded for being such a nube,
here is what I did:

Breaks every 10-20 minutes with deep, deep massages and kegels.
Never went above 7, infact, kept it mostly in the 4-5 range and backing
it down to 1-2 every 5-10 minutes or so.
Also, kept my rice sock very warm the whole time to add heat.

Now, I know I shouldn’t do this, but IT WAS GREAT!!! Packed my tube for the first
time and my cock felt awesome afterwards. Went to bed and even though the wife
was out and not in the mood due to a neck strain, she couldn’t keep her hands off it!
Had the best hand job of my life. After, I went into full detail about my PE efforts and
she was very pleased and supportive. What I was wondering is, is doing this going to
effect my long range PE? Also I noticed I was still very pumped this morning and she woke
me with a F’sD BJ! How often would someone advice on going for a session that long?

Also, I have read on here that vaseline is no good for a acrylic tube, so what is the best tacky
lube? I hate using KY because it gets so messy and slippery.

Also, if anyone needs a TheraP wrist strap let me know. Just got my 2nd because my local
WalMart just got a truckload in. I would be more than happy to pick a few more up for
some folks.



Glad to hear that Mrs. Kooky in enthused.

If you stayed at 7 or below, and your dick is conditioned, time is not the critical factor.

>Also, I have read on here that vaseline is no good for a acrylic tube, so what is the best tacky
lube? I hate using KY because it gets so messy and slippery.<

I think this is total mythology. I’ve used nothing but Vaseline on the flange of my acryllic tube for 2.5 years with no pitting or deterioration.

Valesine on rubber, though, is another matter.



Vaseline builds up on the tube and fogs it up. It is a bitch to get the tube back to clear again. Takes an extreme amount of washing. I don’t think it effects the strength of the tube at all, just eventually makes it opaque.

Try shaving creme maybe?? Or one of the water based gel lubes.

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