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A double whammy for girth

A double whammy for girth

I’ve been thinking about pumping again for girth mainly. I remember I used to get some serious girth increases when i did it years ago and that was after each session.

But now…

I have learned alot about PE and do about 40 mins-1 hour uli’s for girth with no problem. I was thinking of combining the two maybe uli’s to get the first round of thickness and then going pump at low pressure to gain the rest.

I used to pump at high pressure all the time because I didn’t know any better then. It did work, but am now more cautious.

Anyone doing this? What are your results?

With about an hour of uli’s I can get almost .5 inches in girth that lasts a good amount of the day. I’m 5.5” girth post PE and would like to see if the pump plus uli’s could get me past the 6” barrier.

What do ya think?

You should easily get to 6 girth using the pump, only thing is can you make it permanent?
I put a lot of time into pumping, but never had any luck making my gains permanent. I did try the pump/jelq combo, and that did not seem to help. However, I like you, did pump at higher pressures and perhaps that lead to growth problems as I was bruised a bit and I now don’t think you can grow if you are causing bruising.

Now that I have a good jelq program going again and all the pump discoloration is gone, I may also retry the jelq/pump combo, but at lower pump pressure.

The primary goal of PE should be to make your penis as healthy as possible in both form and function. If you do that, increased size will follow.

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