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6 Months - no gains; losing faith.


Originally Posted by retention_head
Excellent post Thick!

I stopped worrying about colorization a while ago, but still went too far. I am now thinking that consistent (and I am capable of performing a consistent routine) moderate jelqing coupled with moderate pumping may be the best routine for me. Or swap the pump sessions for clamp sessions, or ULI sessions or something else; whatever - I’m still experimenting.

I’d swap pumping for clamping.

Matter of fact, I am strictly clamping now. Take a look at the empirical clamping thread. Great stuff.

In search of a perfect body, penis, and girl.

The search NO longer continues. :)

If you like pumping so much then keep it in your regime. I think you need more variety and more rest days. If you do bicep curls 6 days a week you won’t have big biceps. ;)

Start; NBPEL: 6.0" EG: 4.4" (August, 2009)

Goal; NBPEL: 7.0" EG: 6.0"

Struggling with EQ, caffeine addiction and being overweight :-(

I’ve been on a jelq/pumping-routine for 6 months now. Great resultes!

This is what I do:

*Jelq 5 min
*Pump 10 min
*Then I repeat this 3 times.

I do this 5 on 2 off.
Amazing EQ.
Amazing gains.

I have a problem with staying soft, so I stretch when ever I can during the day.

Take care

Rentor, I believe we need more info than just that.

What are your gains from this routine?
Wet or dry Jelqs?
What grip and how hard is your jelq grip?
Do you heat, if so, how?
What hg are you pumping with?
Do you try to stay erect in the tube or do you let the erection subside?

What do you mean you have a problem staying soft, do you get erections when stretching?

Thanks for sharing :)

I’m sorry. I tend to write short, my English sucks (Swedish).

My gains: I’m sorry to say I don’t measure that often. I know I should. But, I have gotten almost an inch in length.
My girth has really exploded, it is really really thick. Again, haven’t measured girth at all. But, just by looking at it and
The feel of it tells me it has grown, alot!

Ok, my routine.

I start of with really warm water in the shower.
I keep on going until my penis is hot.
Then I use a rice-sock between sets just to keep it hot.

Then 5 min wet jelq. Try to stay under 70% Erection. Not too hard grip. But hard enough.
Then I pump for 10 min. Try to stay under 6 hg.
Then I just repeat it 3 times.

Uhm, Yes, I have problems with staying soft while stretching. Working on it.
But I am stretching, though it’s not working everyday.

Have a nice day!



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