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6 months no gain


no gain 6 months

anon1122,what is your’e pumping routine exactly?

Well, I haven’t really developed a routine, it is still pretty random. I usually pump around 3 hg for about half hour to an hour with breaks when I feel like it. I don’t get much stretch in the tube and I don’t get really hard if I pump the day before. I think I have to build up to pumping every day because pumping without getting erect is useless for me.

Suggestion: Try it the Pumping 101 way. Takes time but it may over time keep you hard in the tube.



Re: no gains in 6months

Originally posted by liquidlust1
I am 34 years old i would put my measurements at the moment at 7.7 nbpel x 5.5eg.

Hmmm now I see the problem in a different light. You are starting off with my goal length (20cm nbp = 7.8” approx) which I will probably reach in about 3 years time at my current gaining speed, and you feel frustrated with no gains after six months. Now I’m the one feeling depressed….. ;)


no gain 6 months

LOL,but seriously even if someone was 9x7 ,which is my goal.And they wanted to be 11x8 and were not gaining in 6 months they would have every right to feel depressed as well.Thank you everyone for the advice and support.

liquidlust1, in the first 4 months of pumping, i gain 1/2” in length. I gained nothing after that. i gained a whopping 1/8” in girth…lol. Needless to say, my pump is now at the dump somewhere. I started doing squeezes and manual strecting, I gained another .7” in length and 5/8” in girth.

1.25 inches down, 1.75 to go!!!!!! For 8" NBP


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