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6 months no gain

Re: no gain 6 months

Originally posted by liquidlust1
Another thing after i masturbate my penis aches for hours after is that normal?

Don’t know if this helps - I usually do get a sore (if touched) feeling in my glans lasting maybe 2-3 hours after ejaculating, but it doesn’t really ache nor bother much. I’ve considered this as a normal feeling.

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no gain in 6 months

I will take a break 2 weeks and see what happens. And yes Ineed9 you do get a bit of loose skin under the glans when flaccid , but this is stretched out when erect ,i am cut as well but I would not call it a foreskin as yet.I tried the accumulative approach as well as a shorter more intense workout,and i cant say any method worked for me.But i think if you pack the tube in a shorter time than what you previously were i would be encouraged by it.Thanks Johan sound like you get the same sort of post ejaculation soreness as me ,i was a bit worried

If you do take a break, resist temptations to do any PE at all during that time. Take a clean break. Lots of guys have reported that when they came back they did get a gain.

One of the mods here stuck with PE faithfully for two years without a milimeter gain. Suddenly they started kicking in. Can’t remember who. Maybe he’ll read this. I’ll post a note in the mod forum.




How old are you?

BTW, I did not gain until three and a half years had passed. I will give you some tips later on, i’ll be back.


SS4, I forgot you were the one. Listen to him, liquidlust. He knows a lot of good stuff. Thanks, SS4.



thanks liquidlust1 for your reply. I will consider myself lucky and encouraged by filling the tube sooner than before. Glad to hear the foreskin thing is not that big a deal too.

Good to hear you will take a break and try later. Hang in there. Hope you bust loose with gains after the break!!



Werd on the smoking!


I really, really need to quit this cigarette smoking crap. I’m glad to hear that you’ve triumphed over it!

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SS4’s guide to motivation

Assume that you will die at the ripe old age of 100. Hey, could happen. Now, perform this calculation:

100-your age

For me, this is 79. This is the number of years you have left to live, best case scenario. Now assume, worst case scenario, that it takes five years to reach your ultimate PE goal, be it 12X9, 10X7, 8X6 or whatever. Now, do this calculation:

No of years left to live - 5

For me again, that is 74. This final number is the years of your life left where you are as BIG as you want to be, and it will most likely happen for you much sooner than 5 years. That thought kinda makes all your effort seem worth it, doesnt it? Of course it does!

Now, get some paper and a pen. At the top of the page, in big letters, write:

I HAVE AN ENORMOUS HORSE DICK (or some variation thereof)

Not I will have an enormous horse dick, not I am getting an enormous horse dick, write I HAVE. I bet you kinda feel weird writing that dont you? A bit unnatural, like you are not supposed to, like something is pulling you back. Ignore that, get past it. You have an enormous horse dick, it is as simple as that. Have you got past that? Good.

Now, under this excellent header, write a list of all the good things that have happened and will happen now that you have an enormous horse dick. You might feel something try to pull you back again, just tell whatever it is to fuck off and write the list. Number each item. For example:

1 - I can go to any urinal I want
2 - I can get stares in public by wearing tight jeans
3 - I know I am bigger than most of my friends and co-workers
4 - I know I am bigger than the guy sat next to me on the train
5 - Chicks will say stuff like “damn, that is the biggest god damn horse dick I have ever seen you stud”
6 - blah blah blah

Try to write 50 items, or 100 items. Bask in your glory, dont let anything pull you back. It doesnt matter if the new items are variations on previous ones, but try to put as many original items as you can.

You should be getting quite pumped up right now. Go through your list again, and pick 4 of your personal favourite items. Then picture in your head that happening, you might need to shut your eyes or look up. Really live it, what you see, what you smell, what you feel, etc. When you do this, do it in first person, as if it was happening. You should get really excited about this, and get really happy. When you do, squeeze your right fist. Do that for each of the 4 items you chose. It is important to squeeze your fist when you are feeling fully pumped, confident or whatever from the visualisation. Really live it and feel it, the more realistic the better.

Now, I want you to think of a time when one of these four things happened to you in real life, before you got your gains. Maybe you went to a cubicle out of shyness, maybe you turned a girl down because of size anxiety. Live it in your head again like a film, all the events that lead up to it. You are walking across the bar to the mens room, you are going upstairs hand in hand. Remember these should be real memories that happened to you. When the bad thing happens, squeeze your left thigh, then stop the film straight away. Rewind, and press play again, run through the intro just like you did the first time, but…

Just before the bad thing happens (you head for the cubicle, say no i dont want to etc), just before, squeeze your right fist, and do what you would do now that you have met your goals. Whip out the snake and watch her eyes open up! Then bang the hell out of her! (in the film in your head that is, dont drive to her house and rape her or nothing). Do this for each of the four situations.

This is a modification of some confidence tapes I bought which I applied to PE. Whenever I felt like I couldnt be bothered to PE, or I got depressed or frustrated because of not gaining, I squeezed my left thigh, and feeling those bad things never failed to get me motivated to start hanging. Throuought the day, I would squeeze mt right fist, and actually act like I had my gains, just doing normal things like working etc. Sometimes I would ‘feel’ my flaccid hang half way down my thigh (by imagining it was). I never mentioned this in detail before, I tried to steer the subject sometimes but visualisation and such things have not really taken off, though lately they have had some attention.

Anyway, I decided to share that. You dont have to do it. But at least write the list. BTW I got my first gains about 2 months after I started doing this (coincidence? maybe). I dont do it anymore because I am not PE’ing, but it is easy to guess what happens when I squeeze my right fist. Incidentally, if you are worried about feeling bad for the rest of your life whenever you get your thigh squeezed, dont, I have found that it does not work when someone else does it. Luckily. If you want, squeeze your thigh in a certain way, like mid way down, at a certain amount of pressure for 3 seconds.

When you do your routines, imagine great things happening. Imagine jelqing a 7” girth which you cant get your hand around. Imagine your penis is as long as your arm when you do manual stretches, and imagine there is a hole in the floor when hanging and that your stretch goes right down, attached to a 12 ton weight or something. I really think this helps.

Now, back to mainstream thinking. Feel free to ignore all that mumbo jumbo if you wish, I know it is not everyones cup of tea.

Dont stop PE, whatever you do. Remember the number of years you will have a big dick for, it will be worth putting the time in now, because it does work and will work for you. How many people have said “God I wish I found out about PE when I was younger”. I dunno how old you are but that pretty much applies to everyone else too. It is always a shame to lose a member, although this PE shit is getting a bit TOO popular for my liking….

Here are some routine tips, although I cant advise on pumping:

1 - Do ten minutes of jelqing behind the balls per day. Do it at night or on a morning in bed. This is to improve blood flow to the penis, you will probably notice better erections when doing this.
2 - When stretching, follow the LOT theory, use heat, and do reverse kegels at downward angles and normal kegels at upward angles.
3 - You could add traction wraps to your routine if you get FSL benefits from your stretching.
4 - Tried hanging yet? Maybe its time. Not to knock pumping or anything, but maybe a shake up is needed.

I can give better advice if you give more information about your routine, but like I say pumping is lost on me.

Im bored of typing and thats all I can think of, I hope no one laughs at me for being a weirdo.


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PE can be very discouraging at times. Especially when you see all these guys posting quick gains doing very little, but I would like to remind you that there are many in your shoes.

Many just quit. Say they gave it a go and it didn’t work for them. A few years back I thought that some guys gained and others didn’t. With time however, I have seen that if one sticks at it long enough and really WANTS to gain, he does. I firmly believe everyone gains - some just take longer than others.

I was fortunate at the beginning because I put in a lot of hours and saw a few millimeter’s gain (about 0.2”) in a couple of months, went a few months and saw another few millimeters - 0.5cm in total, not a lot but enough. The fact that I had gained that slight amount was enough to know that it works if one puts in the time and effort. Had I not gained, I may have quit. And not seen the benefits to be gained longterm.

I have hung SD for quite a while now, and have had laughable gains compared to many. Perhaps LOT had something to do with it. So now I’ve changed angles. I mention this to suggest that you may want to look at changes, perhaps consider hanging. With time we are finding new methods, better application etc, so be open to change.

You say you have been PEing 6 months. Seems long to you, but time flies. I have been doing this over three years, and many guys a lot longer than that. I have had 6 months with no gains, and it is frustrating, very disheartening, but you mustn’t quit yet.

Have you had flaccid gain? What positive aspects have you seen from these six months?

Do you jelq wet, dry, hard, short, long reps? I can give no advice on pumping, but suggest changing those manual exercises you say you have done.

Read some of the above posts again. 9 months before gains. 3 years before gains. You’ll get there, you just need to find the right path.

Remember that surgery requires 6 months SERIOUS hanging, so before deciding on that option that I suggest just trying hanging first. Cheaper, and saves that erection angle.


Nice SS4! If there is anything I can do let me know. I always have time for another mentee.

Link to the DLD Blasters Soon to be Triple

You’re getting some good advice.

Pumping does not work in terms of gains for everyone who does PE. Neither does hanging. We are all different physiologically. But I would not hesititate to suggest hanging or some other significant chanage of routine when nothing is happening. There have been so many posts from so many guys over the years reporting that an abrupt shift of some sort made the difference for them.

Still, though, keep your pump. Nothing beats pumping for a total penile vascular workout.



no gains in 6months

Thank you everyone for the support , knowledge and offers off help.I am 34 years old i would put my measurements at the moment at 7.7 nbpel x 5.5eg.I do have a bib hanger and a pj and a pump,i believe i could gain in length but i cannot for love or money get girth gains.Thank you everybody.

Have you tried extreme uli’s?


I have had mixed results with pumping. I am still a pumping newbie, but I really think the key is pumping at a low pressure, possibly as low as 2-3 hg. I have pumped harder and long and I think it is counter productive as I usually have trouble getting hard even a few days after a big pump session.

I took a week off of pumping and the strangest thing happened, the next time I pumped I packed the tube a good INCH higher than normal, I was less than an inch away from the end of the 9.5 inch tube. It really suprised me since I am usually at least 2 inches away. The last few times I pumped I was still a good 2 inches away. Maybe the key is pumping as little as once a week.

no gains 6 months

Yes i tried the extreme uli’s,made up the uli thing and all,but what happens to me with girth exercises is that all i seem to get is either inflamed skin or water bloat.My brother has compartments syndrome in his calves.Maybe i have compartments syndrome of the tunica and cc that wont allow it to stretch much or cement into any larger a state


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