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5-7mmhg ofpressure does nothing for me-I go to 15mmhg

5-7mmhg ofpressure does nothing for me-I go to 15mmhg

I don’t understand you guys. 3.5-5mmhg of pressure does absolutely nothing for me. I have been pumping for 1 year now though. Here is my routine (although I need to be more consistent).

Get erect first

Go up to 10mmhg for 1-2min.

Go up to 12.5mmhg for 1-2 min.

GO up to 15mmhg for 6-8min.

Deflate and take out dick from pump for 30seconds

Go back up to 12.5-15mmhg for another 10min.

Deflate for 30 sec.

By this time my dick is 1/2 in. longer than unpumped and about 3/4in. bigger girth.

Final 10min. Go up to 10-12.5mmhg then end session, or go at a low pressure of 5-7mmhg for another 10min.

Total time in pump: 30-40 min.

My dick gets 1/2in. longer in length and 1 1/2 bigger girth right after a pumping session. I go from 5.5 girth to 7 girth. It is an AWESOME sight. I would love to have sex right after pumping (end up usually masturbating because wife is asleep).

Of course I do get the doughnut but I don’t care, in fact the doughnut lasts for 12-15 hrs. It is great for sex as my wife enjoys the extra width when I enter.

I usually take about 48-96mg of Yohimbine 1 hour before a pumping session as it helps with blood flow to my dick.

With this routine I am gaining girth more than anything. Also, I have not had any injuries doing it this way.

DO NOT pump up past 7.5mmhg after you have filled the tube. THIS is what causes blisters. I did this early on in pumping.

I am only able to pump 2-3x/week. I need to do it more like 5-7days/weeek.


Is it possible when you mention ‘15 mm Hg’ you mean ‘15 cm Hg’ which would be roughly about ‘6 inches Hg’ or do you you really mean ‘15 inches Hg’ ? 15 inches Hg could do some major damage IMO, but I doubt you’d feel 15 mm hg.


you´ve been pumping for one year, how much have you gained?
I´m particulary interested in girth gains of yours.

Then I mean (of course) the size you have 48 hours after a workout compared to pre pumping (one year back).
Also, do you use manual exercises as well or do you only pump?


No, it is 15mmhg not 15 cm hg

I have not been consistent. Like I said, in fact there were 2-3 weeks at a time that I did not pump. On average over the last year and 6mos. I have pumped 1 1/2 - 2 times/week. I have gained 5/8 in. in length from 6 EBL to 6 5/8 EBL (non-pumped). I never measured girth when I started so I don’t know how much I have gained. I just know that it is a tighter fit in my wife’s vagina. I guess maybe a 1/4 in. gain in girth.

I plan on being more consistent starting now. 5-6x/week.



If that pressure level works for you without damage, that is fine.

But for most who pump for whatever reasons, those pressure values would invite very unpleasant tearing, capillary bursts, blistering, etc.

You have some pumping history behind you and can handle those levels. In spite of the mammouth gain inside the tube, though, it doesn’t sound from what you say that your sexual erections or incidental ones are giving you the return you’re seeing in the tube. I’m wondering if it wouldn’t be worth a try to use less pressure repeatedly in short sessions and intersperse that routine with some other PE exercises? Just a thought.



Hey tbigur, On my gauge 100mm hg equals 4 inches hg, I pump to 3.5 inches hg this would be 75mm hg ( I think ). 15mm hg wouldn’t equal 1 inches hg, what type gauge have you got?


Yeh mate, If I had 15hg on my pump, I would explode and my man would be dead, it would be a very sad scenario.

It is actually 15 in Hg

I am using the Mity Vac pump that I connected to my pump that I bought at an adult bookstore. I looked at the gauge and it is measuring in; inches Hg. So I am pumping up to 15in. Hg of pressure. The highest that I have been able to go (only for a about 10 seconds is 20 in Hg of pressure. 15in Hg I can do for 10-12 min. and then I deflate for 30seconds.

As far as my erections go, I have NO problem getting an erection after pumping, and I also get many spontaneous erections.

I am on injectable testosterone (I am a bodybuilder) and also take L-arginine and Yohimbe.


And, you’ve already told us you’ve had water blisters. You are overdoing it on the pressure, man.

What good are frequent erections when blisters make sex so painful?



Hey tbigur,

That is about three times what you should be pumping up to. Although you may not be seeing any evidence of damage from doing it now, I would not continue to pump at such a high pressure. All those horror stories about pumping originate from guys that go crazy and pump at too high a vacuum and for too long a time.

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I just posted a related message on the Vacuum 101 thread. I’m pumping at about 12 - 15 in hg as well. My sessions are about 10 - 15 minutes long. Lower pressure doesn’t feel like it’s doing anything.

I’ve never had any blisters, but I do get some edema after a longer session. My pump reads up to 30 in hg, and I have taken it up to 20 in hg before for very short periods of time.

The sensation at the higher pressures is one of really feeling like I’m stretching from the inside out. I can’t say it’s painful, but it does feel like I’m getting a good stretch. Kind of like the pressure on your head when you’re finishing up a jelq, except that it’s constant.

I would never go to them extremes of pumping! At that pressure you are bound to have internal damage that may have long term effects.


Everyone here, please do not follow this idea!

First, if you come out of the tube with any kind of skin irritation of any kind other than a slight reddening of the skin, then you will also have internal damage as well.

Pumping is not a short term idea, ie. “lets see how big I can make it this session”. Your goals, also the overall health of the penis will be better served by following the knowledge that Avocet has outlined in this forum.

Tissue can not be forced to grow! Just like a sculptor can not produce a work of art from a piece of rock with a sledgehammer! But with time and the right tools you can create a masterpiece that will with stand the test of time!

Same thing holds true with your penis. If you softly coaxes it with the right tools you will stimulate growth. Remember there is a fine line there, and if you cross it there is no turning back!

So, if you want gains you coaxes them and if you want injury, well break out the sledge!



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