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4 weeks in to pumping- Questionsanswers please

4 weeks in to pumping- Questionsanswers please

I have not measure my erect size since starting the pumping 4 weeks ago.


Inside the tube-my penis has not expanded anymore than I originally started at. I have the tube marked every inch, and I have gained zero-inside the tube from pumping-which is why I haven’t measured it erect yet.don’t want to disapoint myself.

My start is 7x5

So I bought a 9x2 tube

This ‘would’ help expand my length and girth-technically
I am using around 5hp

Should I get a different cylinder?—longer and slightly thinner and just work on length for now or visa versa, shorter tube but wider to concentrate on width for the time being?

Aka-going with more of a ‘divide and conquer’ method as opposed to going for length and girth all at once

Any help would be good

In my personal experience, pumping alone is not going to give you permanent gains.

I tried hard core pumping and all I got was permanent discoloration. (It did give me better erections though).

Sure your salami will look impressive right after the session, but then it’ll go back to the original state.

I got real gains from a combination of dry and wet jelqing, and manual stretches. That’s how I gained 1 inch in length.

I still pump lightly as a complementary practice especially because the pump can help avoiding the baseball bat effect.

But pumping alone is not sufficient in my opinion.

God bless,


I’ve done all the jelqing and stretching, for years—-and gotten all the gains out of that possible

Which is why I have turned to something different-pumping-to try to spark some new gains

With jelqing, if you increase the number of reps and the erection level is high, you are bound to keep gaining no matter what, in my opinion. Of course that will take more and more time. The question is: is it worthy?

For example, I am 60 years old, and I am doing PE to counteract the shrinkage and ED that comes with age. Should I waste hours daily just to make my salami even bigger than it is now? I don’t think so. But if you have the time and willingness, and you take several hours daily, I don’t see any reason why you cannot keep growing. You just need to put more energy/time into it.

Pumping looks like the easy lazy ass way out and that’s what I thought too. But in my experience it can only be a complementary practice but not the main staple of PE.

How much jelqing/stretching are you doing right now?

I jelqed and manual stretched early in my PE career and got minor gains.

Than years after that I came back to it

Did Jelq only, jelq and stretches, jelq and extender—-combinations
Jelqing up to 40mins daily at my peaks
With ZERO results-since my initial newbie gains.

Well look I tell you what worked for me.

I start with 30 minutes of manual stretches at all angles.

Then because I am older and my erections arent’ that immediate anymore, I move to limp wet jelqs, say 200-300 wet limp slow jelqs to get the blood flow.

Then I put a leather cock strap on and start wet “erect” jelqs. Because again my erections are troubled, my level of erection is at first in the 50%-70% range.

After around another 200-300 strokes, I remove the strap when my erection is around 80% and keep doing some more wet jelqs.

When I hit a decent erection level I move to dry jelqs and Kegels for another 300-500 strokes.

I end up with a Pepsi can sized salami. The I do 100 kegels and 100 testicle breathing rounds (search for testicle breath).

This all takes me a long time though. I feel that if I wanted to grow, all I had to do is repeat this procedure 2-3 times per diem. But hey my time is also needed to work, drink beer, fuck my wife, do pushups to get rid of my man-boobs, read books, surf the net, see my buddies, and drink more beer.

If you keep doing the same 30 minute routine for years, that is not growing but it’s maintainance work. You don’t regress, but you don’t progress either. If you are a runner, especially a long distance one, you’ll know the concept.

In order to grow, you need to increase the time/intensity factor. But because the intensity factor is limited by the full erection or by safety concerns, then all you can really increase is the time.

Not meaning to preach here as I am not any veteran monster cock like all the other members, just throwing my 2.

God bless,


I have been pumping for 9 months and have not shown any length growth in the tube either. I can, however, pack more of the tube than when I started. I pump primarily for the temporary growth and to improve EQ. I have just started to combine pumping with clamping and time in an extender, hoping the combo will generate some length and girth. I also fit in jelqing and stretching between sessions and kegel during sessions.

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