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2nd day into pumping.....

2nd day into pumping.....

Well, I purchased a Joel Kaplan pump off of Ebay…it was brand new, still in the box….so it wasn’t used.

The instructions say to slowly pump up to -5 in/hg to -10 in/hg, but to never go over -10 in/hg. I, wanting to make sure nothing went wrong on the first session, kept it between - 4 and -5. I did two 10 minute sessions, with massaging and jelqing before and after the pumping.

The main thing I don’t like about the pump, is where the flared end of the tube meets the body. It puts an awful lot of pressure on that area. I know it needs to make a good seal, but jeez….it leaves a nice red ring around the base, where the tube was. And it kind of hurts the penis to be pumped up like that. It’s not unbearable pain, but still it is a fair amount of discomfort.

And I don’t know about others ejaculating into the tube….must be masochistic people who do that…I did not feel the urge…nor did I even come close. But everyone’s different.

These are just my initial observations of the pump. I will keep everyone updated on my progress. I have been doing exercises since the beginning of december, and I have gained a solid .5 inch in length…not much of a difference in girth.

11/02: 5.0" Beginning of Program 1/03: 5.5" 1.5 mos into program 2/03 5 5/8" When worked up. Haven't had the time to get into the workouts like I used to. But I should be seeing gains again, as I have been back at it. I'll keep everyone updated. 7/03 Knocking on 5 3/4" door. Girth is still around 4 1/2".

well pumping is like working out at the gym you are going to be bruised and in pain and for me pumping has nothing to do with sex while i pump its just a workout for my dingeling..

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