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25 Inches?!?!?!

25 Inches?!?!?!

What the heck are these sizes about. I’m thinking of buying a pump….but am I missing something on the size chart here. Unless they’re selling these for elephants, Rhinos, and Clydesdales……….why do the go up to 25 inches???

I’m confused!!!

That circumference is so you can pump your balls and your penis at the same time which is meant to help stretch your ligs. Its still pretty big but thats what it is for, my cock and ball cylinder is not that huge.

Read this copied from:
Note that the sizes at the bottom of the chart are fairly extreme - but cylinders have been ordered in these sizes. The larger sizes are also used to size two stage tubes - which incorporate both penis and balls inside the tube. Two stage tubes should be ordered close to your actual sizes for best pumping results. Sizes much larger make it difficult to achieve a proper seal.

The guys who buy the extreme sizes are trying to enlarge their butts.



Lol! Or they own a zoo and they want all the male animals to be hung.

I love that visual of a pathetic looking guy with his ass sucked two feet into a tube.

But they could be for heads too. I just measured and my big melon is 23 inches around. Are the cylinders cone shaped?

This is the type of stuff guys like “Master E” of meganuts or whatever…I wanna say…advocate. The guys’ even designed and selling his own pump tube. It’s basically a clear basketball with a hinge that you can insert your entire package in. Keep in mind these guys are STRANGE (in my humble view) and a lot of them have medical grade silicone injected into their nutsacks/dicks and then overpump them to (again my humble view) rediculous and useless sizes. I stand corrected…its www.extremecock…. Beware…this site is not for the week at heart or stomach. In fact you’ll have to figure out or use a search engine to dig up the last three letters of the URL. I will not post it here because it is a site that contains what some would consider disgusting sex acts. Not only that but, this IS in a “general forum”.

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I’ve seen ‘em. Doing this is totally beyond me but I guess to each his own, no matter what it looks like.



You seen the whole “nullification” thing??? Now that is bizarre. There’s at least one guy selling a video on there of himself being “nullified” in other words not just castrated but, his penis and everything removed. THeres a pic of him post-op big grin on his face holding up his cock and balls in a jar. I just dont get some folks….no sir.

God knows what goes through a guy’s mind to undergo that kind of stuff.

I’m very hesitant (or conservative if you like) about injecting silicon, or undergoing other processes which could permantely screw up my sex life.


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