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2 Months And No Gains

2 Months And No Gains

It’s been almost two months with the homemade pump, should I be worried that I seem to have made no gains. I jsut seem to be a really hard gainer. Need both length and girth. Bout 6.7 in length, and 4.5 to 4.7 in girth. Please help. I use the gravel cleaner mityvac set up. First goal is 7nbp by 5. Would be estatic with 7.5 nbp by 5.5. My face would look like


it would be helpful if you could provide a bit more information about your pumping routine, how many sets do you do at what pressure etc.



Yes more details in your pumping routine…


Waytoobig, greetings:

Just briefly to say that your stats and goals are very much the same as mine, and both of us are hard gainers. I hope to post the results of my pumping routine after 3 months (probably in early October). Meanwhile, it would help to have more information on your routine. Also, I’d recommend getting a pump with a gauge, if you possibly can.


First of all, before we can give input, more details on your pump routine (i.e. time in pump, pressure) are needed. Also, if any guy is seriously into pumping, I strongly suggest putting out the bucks for a quality cylinder and pump/gauge. I also think it’s very important to incorporate wetjelqing into your cycles of pumping.


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