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2 Everyone here who Pumps!

2 Everyone here who Pumps!

Hey i’m new..I’ve been going through lots of archive on PE and i still really haven’t found the answer to a question that has been bothering me….u see i look at myself as a pumper i’ve been obsessed with them ever since i saw it for the very first time in the last pages of a bodybuilding mag about 4 years ago. (i’m going on 21 now)

I had finally purchased one at 18…and i was supercharged i had preconceived notions on what gains i would be getting and would swell my dick from packing almost on a regular at first…..there was a time for about a year where i was unable to use it (For about a year:lack of privacy) and when i got back into it around now i really started feeling good about pumping taking my time going slowly and less pressure the workouts actually started to feel right…..since i don’t have a gauge on mine i can take about 6/7 pumps and hold before i have to release (flex and relax technique) though i prefer 5/6 pumps..

Like i said i felt real good pumping almost on a regular (that hasn’t happened since i bought the damn thing) since i first got it as a primary means of gaining but then…i had to go searching the net looking for pumping technique advice and here came the PE Forum which led me here to Thunder’s…and jelq stretches Kegels and hanging tend to dominate the enlargement discussion….

Since i spent all this cash on penis pump stuff and have been using it on and off for 2 1/2 years i’m kind of addicted to it and those other exercises feel strange to me and i have a hard time keeping it up while doing them…I really haven’t enjoyed any increase gains with the pump due to infrequent use but i’m just starting to get serious about it and i finally feel like the low pressure and taking my time not packing the pump is helping the workout, no pain no swelling when i do it right. hangs at about 5 or 6 inches when done shrinks quickly though i guess it’s because it feels new to my penis again… o yea I’m a natural 7 5/8” slighty over 7 1/2 inches without PE exercises…jerking off during the early stages of puberty might have done it

So before i continue on my pumping quest i want to know if i am wasting my time pumping as my main and at this point only routine…..and finally the question that’s taken me 10 minutes to get to…I’M CALLING ALL PUMPER’S FOR THIS ONE.. ANYONE WHO CAN GIVE THEIR INSIGHT IS GREATLY NEEDED.

Are there any looong time Pumpers out there who have experienced solid and excellent gains in length and girth ONLY from pumping or pumping as their primary exercise of a PE workout?

Also even though a little off subject…If you had to pick.. What’s the best PE exercise HANDS DOWN?

For the first 4 - 5 months of PE, I did pumping only; didn’t even know about other exercises. I pumped regularly, 5 - 6 days a week, and gained an inch in erect length.

My vote for the best overall PE exercise is jelking.



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