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1st Session

1st Session

Hi to All! Well, I did my 1st pumping session and followed avocat8’s “PUMPING 101” advise. I guess I felt a little letdown. I didn’t feel any strange sensations or my penis didn’t get any longer than it normally does. It did get fatter and just as red as it usually does after a jelq session.

I did a second session after re-reading “PUMPING” just in case I was doing something wrong. In the 1st session I was pumping to 4 Hg. In the 2nd I went to 5 Hg. Nothing different although I did feel a pulling sensation at the base.

I’m going for lenght not girth, my wife says I’m already fat enough in that department. I go into the cylinder erect and I have about 1/4” clearence on all sides. When I pump I do not fill up the tube on the sides at all. I have all sorts of clearence in the lenght of the cylinder as I’m only 4”EL

Any advise? PLEASE!!! :)

Patience, patience, patience… you will find out over time that length in the tube will come as your penis adapts to pumping. I would suggest that you also employ heat wraps and manual stretching as a warmup before pumping . I think that one of the keys to obtaining length through pumping is tohave your ligs loosened up prior to acheiving an erection and entering the tube for your session. Relax and have fun with pumping and above all, don’t be discouraged… you’ve only had one session after all.

I “ditto” b1n;

Guys new to pumping somehow expect an instant transformation. It’s a normal hope. You pump once and think your dick will then be long and fat as a result.

Just because that didn’t happen, don’t exceed your max comfortable pressure level with the goal of getting long and fat the next time you pump higher, either. This takes a lot of time and commitment.

If you’re already fat, Maal, you’re halfway there already. All you have to work on is length. You’re ahead and you didn’t even know it.

Keep us posted.



re: 1st Session

Thanks for the words of encourgment. I guess I did have it in the back of my mind that I might enlarge better than I did.

I’m going to keep up the routine and will be keeping you guys posted.

A small gain.....

Well, I’ve noticed today that I have a small gain while in the tube.

I was actually 5” in the tube! (it looked good to me!) then at the end of the session it all went away.

I’m looking at it as a “preview of things to come”

good luck

just a word to say i get good length gains when i go in tube soft as it stretches a bit more

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