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12.5" gravel cylinder + comfort base

12.5" gravel cylinder + comfort base

It’s all I’ll ever need. I just tested out 2 10m in this baby and it was real nice! So far so good.

Simple steps I took:
Cut the bottom from 16” to 12.5” and flipped the blue connector to opposite side.
I made sure all the contact points were hot glued shut.
I cut the bracelet to size.
I used extremely strong super glue to put it in place and together.
I hot glued behind it in 3 layers.
Then I put a very thin layer over top the very end to smooth out the rough feeling of the base inside.

End product results as:

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Blue connector=12.5" actual visible tube=12"

Oh btw haha, that’s not my bracelet. Some girl left it in my room ages ago, and I just happened to stumble upon using it since it’s hard for keeping suction, but soft for a cushion. I cleaned it, ok! Just thought I’d clear the air ;) .

Nice work!

What did you do with the base, is it just glue?

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Originally Posted by giveme9
What did you do with the base, is it just glue?

Yes, 2 different types. Extremely strong super glue to hold it initially then I added 3 layers of hot glue behind and on the top to smooth out any rough edges inside.

Why do you say gravel cylinder? That is not made out of gravel.

That’s almost exactly the setup that I use. Great minds and all that. I made my base with layers of tape then stretched a section of innertube over that. Very comfortable. Long Grass, that’s the tube I started with , now I use the 2” . Soon you’ll get to move up to that one!! Good work.

:_pump: :donatecar

Originally Posted by locoloco
Why do you say gravel cylinder? That is not made out of gravel.

Umm… Well it’s for gravel vacuuming out of a large aquarium tank and it’s a cylindrical-shaped object is it not? The cleaner is not made out of gravel either; it’s used for gravel. The same goes to the name cylinder. :rolleyes:

Thanks clgp7. I was thinking about the tape thing, but I had $15 to shoot and I needed a new gravel cylinder so I had to work from home pieces. I got a lot of room left in this one to fill out. Once that day comes of packing I’ll probably work on a little length since it’s soo gigantic length-wise. Being the last 16x2 and under $15 I got a steal.

Haha, I was lucky that day tps :) .

That’s the t.v. Remote? Man do I feel dumb. I thought the pump was remote controlled .:rofl:

You’re good to go as long as it feels ok.

There are many ways to create a useable base on these things. Something has to be done because the factory thin end hurts.

Here is what I did.

Bracelet?? I don’t get it. What type of bracelet are we talking about here? I seen the gravel cleaners at Petco and would like to make one of these homemade pumps, but the issue with the sharp plastic against my skin wouldn’t be great.
So I am very interested in what kind of “bracelet”, or something, that I could use as a cushion, but also seals well.
And by hot glue I am assuming you mean the glue sticks you put in a heating gun?

I’m wondering if Clear silicone sealer would work as the final smoothing touch, to also add more softness to the base (which would be probable a little more comfortable.)

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It’s just a normal, but thicker plastic bracelet. Yes, I’m talking about glue sticks and I needed to super glue the bracelet beforehand so I could work easier. I think it would be too weird, for me at least, if you went into one of those “diva” stores and bought one; that’s why, unless you have one lying around or something to that nature don’t worry about buying one. You can use other things, but that’s, like I said, the only home situation I could accomplish it with (and it worked better than I thought). Thing is with silicone you can’t hot glue (I guess you can, but you have to wait for it to cool down, but not down enough so it is hard) it so you’ll have to find some very strong super glue (like what I did to hold the bracelet in place before issuing the hot glue). $50 instead of $100+ is the way to go for pump+cylinder; if you can fit inside a 2”od/ 1.75”id gravel cylinder.

You could also just layer a bunch of hot glue on the end and outside, but it takes a steady hand to make sure the glue doesn’t layer up inside (that’s what I did with my other one); which doesn’t work as good as the method described in post #1.

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